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  1. Did a "Buy It Now" on Ebay for a forged Hofi hammer and DVD. Last year's and next year's birthday present.

  2. Yes, thanks Frank. I had admired the photos of this collection when it was first posted almost 3 years ago. I had almost forgotten about it. (not really ;) ) I haven't been back to New Mexico since I lived there in the early eighties and may never get the chance. So I do appreciate seeing more of Mr. Moore's collection via you pics from your visit today. Thanks, again. BTW, I still think this is a wonderful example of what can happen when very deep pockets and over-the-top OCD combine. When I hit the lottery, I know right where to go. Back to NM !
  3. I don't know what Mike is doing posting that ugly thing on Ebay. That is not his usual caliber. I have visited his warehouse of blacksmithing tools and equipment.
  4. Mike,
    As I just msg'd to Peyton,I rarely got to attend guild meetings, but I really enjoyed his numerous upbeat emails, the terrific job you guys did with the website, and even the live webcam meetings. I'm truly sorry to see BGoVA come to an end. I'm sure it must be very hard for you as you've put so much into it. Blacksmithing in Virginia is better because of all you...

  5. Chris,
    Yes, ODBSA does have a library, and a pretty good one at that. It still works on the honor system. We have a Librarian who is officially in charge of maintaining it. He keeps a logbook where members sign out the book(s)they are interested in. They are to return them within 3 months. I don't think we've ever had a problem with theft. I'll check with Wendell and let yo...

  6. Happy Birthday, G
    Missed you at David T's.

  7. Pretty Cool, Mark! I especially like your idea of using the hardy hole like a bolt header. I don't think I would have ever thought of that one on my own. Forums are great. Thank you!
  8. Nice job on your blog, Dave. Lots of great close up pictures. Keep up the good work.
  9. Nope. Not going to Danny's. Will be going to Longwood University instead to see Billy initated into the Mortar Board honor society.

  10. Hands-On event at Danny Ward's Horseshoeing school in Danville, VA this Saturday. Can't wait!

  11. Click here to read the first ODBSA Newsletter of the new year. Due to the weather conditions, we had no event in January . So Bobby asked a few members to contribute articles to replace the Green Coal Report that usually recaps the meeting. Well he got five articles. Enthusiam is high. This is going to be a great year!
  12. CG, What was on the site prior to the Lincoln's purchasing it? It could be an 1820's Flatter. :P
  13. Disappointed that January's event was cancelled, but looking forward to the Hands-On event in February at Danny Ward's Horseshoeing school in Danville, VA

  14. Click here to read the ODBSA Newsletter about recent goings on and last month's blacksmithing event at Sunrise Forge in Rustburg, Virginia. John Elliott was there with his truck full of tools from Blacksmith Supply. This last newsletter of 2010 has 9 pages of pictures, current news, and articles.
  15. Christian,
    I found some BA links in VA for you to check out. (maybe listed by closest to you first)
    And for blacksmithing classes, c...

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