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Repairing a leg vice leg


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Last night my Friend & I spend some time repairing a vice I picket up for her over the summer, unlike so many ive seen before where the leg has been cut off with oxy act torch this one actuality looks like it broke at a old forge weld. I had already forged a new leg out of some Wrought Iron under a power hammer just to save time. so we started with a vice with about 6in of leg reaming and a new leg. First we split about 1 3/4in of the old leg then forged a chisel point on the new leg. Then we aligned them together in the fire and took the first welding heat right in the forge. ( sorry no pictures of the welding, there was only two of us, so we both had out hands full ) This was done by me bracing the vice in the forge while she held on to the new leg & hammered it into the slit of the old leg, after the first few blows with a hand hammer she used a light sledge, the vice body & me acted like the anvil for the weld to work against. After we had it stuck I removed the vice from the fire & we worked the forge weld down over the anvil, I worked the vice and swung a hand hammer while she swung a sledge. after working it down we forged it in top and bottom dies to help round the leg. lastly a quick hot filing to clean up. When we finished I gave the vice to her, its her first!

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Great repair job. Nice to see someone at the forge with safety specs on!

Tell me about it!!! :o I've seen so many people forging without as much as single light pair of safety glasses. I guess these people have access to replacement eyes. :confused: I already had a doctor dig a random spark out of my eye for $600.00. I don't want to ever recreate that experience.

There's a ton of videos on youtube of people not wearing safety glasses in their shop. It makes me nervous if someone even comes into my shop without them. I would never let someone work on anything without a pair.
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re temper the leg??? the whole vice except the end of the jaws are wrought iron, wrought iron does not have enough carbon to really hold any type of temper. the jaws do have bits of tool steel welded into them and they are tempered, but the rest of the vice is not. i did not heat up the jaws any so the temper should be fine on them. we just let the leg cool nateral, no need for any tempering

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I like what you have done, although my images are Xed out. We call that a cleft weld or a bird's mouth weld. I did one on a mild steel digging bar which we split. A 4" length of high carbon steel was driven into it. So far, it has held up over the years. A friend and I fixed a broken vise leg by lap welding, and it worked. We had the original leg to re-attach, so that helped.

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