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  1. Frosty, Thanks. I like your (Bealer's) formula. What do you do for soot? Just scrape out your chimney or something? Lamp black - it sounds kinda familiar, but can you buy lampblack? BTW, it is starting to harden - little by little. I think eventually, it'll be perfect - but at this rate it's gonna be at least three weeks total time.
  2. I used this formula on a recent piece of work (except I omitted the Johnson's paste wax). I heated the piece in the oven at 500F and then applied a coat of the wax liberally. It looks great BUT it is not drying well. It has been three days now and it is still very tacky. Suggestions?
  3. I'm in the market for a new (or used) torch with cutter head and ideally a rosebud tip too. I've been monitoring ebay and there seems to be two levels of quality - Victor and "Victory style". The Victors usually go for $300-$400 including gauges; the others are half the price. I see a couple Victor setups on Amazon for $260-$270. I don't want to waste my money on some cheapo junk that's going to fall apart. Nor do I want to waste my money on something that is built for professional use. I'm an amateur hobbyist. Advice? Are there some good non-Victor makes out there? Harris? Smith?
  4. Firebug, Did you ever do the detailed article on this? I just poked around and couldn't find anything. I'm getting closer to building this myself but was planning on using 10" round stove pipe to connect to the horizontal piece. Would love to see more info on the specs etc. Thx, Roger
  5. Hi Connor, Don't try to take this as carry-on luggage. You will very likely run into problems with the TSA. Also, the overhead bins are not stressed to hold something like that and the closets are not necessarily available to passengers. If you must have it in Europe with you, you should crate it and ship it; but it will cost extra and will probably be expensive. I do this stuff for a living (flying) and I pass through security on a regular basis. They have a lot of leeway to be jerks and they tend to take advantage of that. European security folks are not much different. And flight
  6. A few weeks ago I asked about repairing the screwbox on a post vise. The threads of mine were totally mucked up - twisted and sticking out and unusable. Got some very good detailed answers on how to do it - based on removing the old ones that were brazed in and creating a new helix, which in turn gets brazed in place. Read that informative thread here. I'm a newbie and this project is definitely beyond my ability. I went to see my friend, the wizard Chuck. Chuck is an inventor of new things but with a passion for old ways. Chuck has a fantastic shop with many old machine tools, some th
  7. Yeah, I enjoyed the Saharan smithy too. The other video wouldn't work for me - seems to be gone already. (I don't speak German, so I'm not sure about that.) Thanks!
  8. Yeah, Please repost them - I'm very curious.
  9. Welcome Dave, From another newbie. You're gonna love this forum. Lots of good info and an extremely helpful bunch. Roger
  10. Rowan welcome to IFI. I'm very new to the forum also, but I can tell you - it is one of the most honest, open, responsive forums I've ever seen. Not sure how you found it (I just stumbled into it), but I'm sure you'll get a lot out of your membership. Roger
  11. ha ha - don't worry - it's not in its official home yet.
  12. OK, so now I am looking at this arc welder that I inherited and trying to figure out what kind of a circuit it needs. There's no placard on it that says what amperage the circuit should be. Can you tell by the front labeling? Is this thing any good? (Remember, I'm just a novice newbie learner.) TIA, Roger
  13. OK - advice heeded. Went to my local welding supply place and the regulators check out fine. Bought new hose with (B to A) adapters for the torch, which also checks out fine. Also bought the flashback arresters. Should be good to go. The store owner is looking for a welding head that will fit the torch (all I have is a cutting head). I'll leak test everything as I connect it. Now I'm looking for a welding class nearby. Thank you all, Roger
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