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I Forge Iron

Forging the corkscrew

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Thank You Hofi!!
I hope I can accurately pass on some of the many things that I have learned from you to other people with like minds!
Because of your never ending generosity to the blacksmith community, your stream of expertise continuously feeds into the bottomless lake of blacksmithing knowledge for us to draw from.
Thanks Again!
Ted Throckmorton

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I have tried to make corkscrews before and found it astonishingly difficult. I eventually got a really nice looking one but it tore up the corks (my wife was determined to force the issue... just could not accept that such a fine looking tool would refuse to function... the resulting geyser of wine still stains my kitchen ceiling). I am so pleased to have this lesson and hope that I might ultimately redeem my smithing reputation now! Thank you so much Mr. Hofi!!!

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Bigfootnampa ..forged my first corkscrew and used mandrel to wrap.. forged tool steel to fine taper all going lovely..till the maiden opening.. and realized that to get the metal into cork had to twist anticlock..enjoyed the contents only!:)

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Just an overhand knot, but it adds a touch of interest.

I was expecting the screw to be formed differently as well, that looks easy, but then everything I see looks easy till I try it. Especially when demonstrated by someone with superior skill like Hofi.

Thank you for taking the time.

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Just wanted to make things more clear and repeated the steps cold and more short
''to forge simple things is not simple to forge complicated stuff is eassy ''!!!!
The knot will com in two-three days
thank every one for the interest and suport














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If you do it right mild steel is enough some times and very seldom I forge them from 1045 the axes are forged from 4140.I have lots of this steel for free this steel is used as pins for the tanks caterpiler and the onece that are rejected in the production I can get hold on OD 1 1/8''

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Sorry Mr H It was meant to be tongue in cheek, I remember seeing you forge one years ago.

It would have been a great sculpture though.

Just another query please. On your leaf edging tool using screwcutting dies, What heat treatment do you do to them?

All the ones (in my limited experience) that I have come across are prone to fracturing if abused, and after having a splinter of the stuff having to be surgically removed due to someone thinking they could use HSS stuff for purposes not intended, I am very wary of using such items, having said that, I find Stilson style wrench jaws are useful for the same purpose of forming leaf edges.

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There you go, I thought I had seen that before somewhere, and thank you for answering the question on serrated dies in your Leaf demo,

I will still keep away from using HSS dies in their original condition as there is always the danger of someone "borrowing" or using the tool unaware of the potential if they are miss hit or abused,

I think the potential danger needs pointing out, especially with people learning from the internet or by discovery learning.

Play safe.

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