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  1. There is one on 129, south of Gainesville about 10 miles. Take a box of doughnuts :rolleyes:
  2. If you wish to stick them together, then you are brazing yes. I am not totally sure of what you wish to do as I only just woke up but if you wish to coat the nails with the bronze, then you can heat the nails with the gas and quickly brush them with a bronze brush.
  3. I just finished the hole for the footing for my Fairbanks. I wanted it done last fall but my wife was diagnosed with cancer. I have 18" of reinforced concrete, under ten inches of plywood sandwiched together (except under the anvil, that is end grain oak), and that under one half inch matting. 3/4 inch threaded rod goes through all 3 layers to keep the hammer still.
  4. I will be right across the street from ya!

  5. How's the hammer working? I still have not gotten a chance to set mine up. My wife became ill with lymphoma right after I got it and I may not get down to serious business till this summer. I did score a new 5hp heavy duty motor for it though.

  6. I have a 12 inch clay flue in mine and at times I think it may have too much volume to create the velocity that I had planned for. I hear tell 8 inch is good enough, but if I had to do it again, I would go with 10 inch. Every thing will depend on every thing else too. Study a lot, and make the best decision based on your individual situation.
  7. Can you give me your recipe for that? I have never tried to make a bloom myself, just helped others. It seems straight forward. Do you get steel or iron from a scale bloom?
  8. I save my iron scale for the Gypsies when they come through. 10 bucks an ounce.
  9. I did notice that. When I was in WV I had to move about 10 cubic yards to make room for a new fence line. There were perfectly preserved treasures in it. Sardine cans at the lowest level, Vienia sausage cans, a burned woolen shirt, and countless steel Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.
  10. For years uncounted, I have put my fly ash in holes in the drive way or just piled it into a small hill. Now I am reading articles about the dangers of fly ash. I am thinking about putting it in a bag and taking it to the landfill. Everyone's input is wanted. I don't know whether the stuff is dangerous or not, but I will err on the side of caution.
  11. I got a call from my wife's ex husband yesterday (best buddy) He was in tractor supply and remembered that I needed a good motor for my Fairbanks hammer. So, here it is, 22 amp, GE, high torque, farm duty, 1740 rpm, 5 hp, single phase, two hundred thirty volt motor Sale price,$299.00 USD! I love how the price kept dropping and dropping. Now, just to get my wife through her chemo treatments and I can have this little dude humming!
  12. thecelticforge


    It is a lineman's hammer. The hole is used to install and remove the steps from utility poles.
  13. You may also want to bump the stock up to 3/4 inch and give the working areas more mass. I also just let my tongs air cool. I think mild steel is okay for a few types of tongs (farrier). You may want to search for more massive springs at truck stops or rail road yards.
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