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Bearded axes and war hammers

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These are going to an Irish Festival.

That hatchets have wrought iron bodies with 5160 forge welded tips. The war hammers are w2. Everything was annealed, progressively hardened, and heat
treated after the forging.



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Very Nice indeed! Especially sizing them more like the real ones rather than the fantasy/hollywood ones!

Have you thought of curving the spikes to match the curve of a swing so they impact dead center? Most of the originals I found when researching war hammers had slightly curved backspikes.

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nice work ! the only thing ide change is the handle leingth on the hammers ... what my reearch showed me were a bit longer handles on them ...they look like they will do a number on a Knight tho... think of useing them from horseback on another knight .. or for the footmans type think of polearm leingth ....

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more like inspired.

the fold and weld technique was what I used, though I was limited by the handles. For viking period axes they are a bit on the exotic side, and the handles are wrong. Since then though I have traded the small war hammer and a large axe for a wood lathe with tooling. I'll start turning my own handles in time.

Thanks for the compliments :)

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