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  1. Looks like a good usable tool you did a good job
  2. Threy look real good you must a made a few of them before :)
  3. Yes wrought is a little different buddy told me to work it at a very high heat if wanting to shape and moving a lot of metal or he said it can come apart so he has more experience at this then me so I worked like he said . Just kinda wanted to do a as forged type look I like the rustic look dont know how highly polished the furtrade hawks and axes would have really been but they would have functioned just fine. I had found a website with viking artifacts and they had some different axes a few looking close to what ive forged
  4. Thats really nice I take it it is going to be used for a necklace
  5. Here is a pic after I used a wire wheel on and cleaned it up some more
  6. That is a good find I got a smaller colombian vise 10 yr ago for 15.00 at a sale and walked out to my truck and guy walking past said I stole it but you did very well for that size vise thats for sure.
  7. I know someone who makes the tire hammer it seems to do very well hoping to have one some day
  8. Im wondering if you could get a brad point wood bit long enough to try, the point of bit and the way it cuts may work http://www.traditionalwoodworker.com/3_16-Extra-Extra-Long-Quality-Brad-Point-Bit-Germany_US/productinfo/888-0707/
  9. Very nice What size stock did you use for the body of it 1" or 1-1/2" and whats your overall length?
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