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Found 8 results

  1. So, I'm waiting for the epoxy to cure on my first ever knife. The two-day class started us off with 1084 flat bar and showed us how to forge a basic kitchen knife. Overall, the class is fantastic, and I've already signed up for the six-session class for Intro to Blacksmithing, later this fall. Class size is usually six people or less (only four in mine) so the instructor has plenty of time to wander around, check progress, give advice etc. Quick notes on things I've learned: untill you really get close to it, no amount of youtube or forged in fire can prepare you for how xxxxx hot the forge really is. Your first projects will not be perfect. Its a ton of fun, but not a perfect finished product. I've seen the advice of "Dont try to make a sword first" and now I completely understand and agree. A 7 inch kitchen knife is a xxxxxx lot of work for an absolute beginner, a three foot blade, no...just, no. Foul language removed
  2. I know I am preaching to the choir here since nearly all of you have known Clay Spencer longer than I have but, His current tooling class is an intensive program that has rewards in the instruction, hands-on smithing and the bevy of tools that the participants take home. The current cost is $300 and is sure to rise with the rising prices of steel. Clay furnishes everything but personal protection equipment and he will provide a list participants must supply. I took home 18 pieces of tooling, most of which sell at meets for $35-$45 each. Clay demonstrates the use of each and shows how the tools cut time and effort in many day to day challenges in blacksmithing. Clay is more than willing to share his vast knowledge and the chance to pick up and handle his hundreds of tools, dies and patterns will inspire one to stretch their limits in their own shop. He has a well equipped shop with Tire Hammers, Treadles, numerous Grinding and Drilling Stations. The class uses coal, gas and inductive forges in all phases. Not only does he show how, but why his techniques work and their uses. It's a weekend class that runs 9AM to 9PM on Saturday and 9 AM to 3 PM On Sunday. I prefer not to list his contact information on the web but if you will PM me I will share his e-mail. He is listed in The Bits magazine in the annual membership issue. Joe Gassen
  3. Hello, I really appreciate this forum. I am looking to find a school/forge or even a one on one opportunity with an experienced Blacksmith in Ventura County or Santa Barbara area. I work full time but can be flexible if it's closer by. I know Adam's Forge is in Glendale area and they are fantastic, but if I could find anything closer it be great. Any suggestions. Thank you in advance. John
  4. I'm looking to make a start in the Forging world, however I'm having a bit of a problem finding a place that offers classes or apprenticeships in my area. If anyone has any information on schools or classes given near Peoria, I would greatly appreciate the knowledge.
  5. Choo Choo Forge has open forge every Thursday from 1:00pm to 7:00pm for members, visitors are always welcome. We have new classes all the time with 2 of the best instructors any one could hope for. It's a great atmosphere where everyone one is learning and helping others learn at the same time. We have special projects from time to time such as the gas forges we are just completing. Tomahawks are in the near future. Meetings are the first Thursday at 6:00pm every month. Times are EST. Come see what all the excitement is about.
  6. Hi All, Aussies in particular, The Traditional Tool Group are having a blacksmithing day at Rozelle again; this Sunday the 16th of March (2014). Drop by if you can, we usually show a group of beginners some forging basics. see; http://www.tttg.org.au/php/tttg_Page.php?n=04 for details. regs, AndrewOC
  7. Here we go again! This time we will be holding a hammer head making class with world traveler and professional iron smasher, Matt Garton! Matt will be working with us to make a NEW TANNEHILL STYLE HAMMER! Each workshop goer will go home with a new hammer and the knowledge to make more. There will be a Boston Butt BBQ served with all the fixin's for lunch. The cost of this workshop will be only $85 and will include everything. There will be Iron In the Hat to pay for lunch, so bring something nice! ​ Registration info is as follows: Hello Fellow Blacksmiths, Now is the time that we will begin taking registration for our Hammer making Class that will take place on Jun 22nd and 23rd. The cost will be as follows: One Day (either Sat OR Sunday) - $85 You are guaranteed at least one hammer of the size of the three you would like... If time permits you may make two Two Days - $150 You are guaranteed two hammers of your choice and if at all possible you will leave with a full set of three The hammers will be made of 4140 tool steel and feature a square face and your choice of peen. There will be some aesthetic work to our hammers but, how far you go is up to you There is free camping to those in tents however you must pay the gate fee of $3. RVs will have to camp at normal pricing in the designated camp ground. There are many hotels in the area if that is more your style...Contact me and I will send you links. Now for registration..... Everyone that receives this email is because they have said that they are wanting to be part of this class. YOU MUST SEND IN A MATERIAL DEPOSIT BEFORE YOU ARE REGISTERED! this tools steel is too expensive just to buy it for some one that doesn't show up If you are attending one day the registration is $35... For two days is $70 Please send a check or money order to: Lee McKee 4118 Lindsey Loop Road, Bessemer AL, 35022 Please let me now if you are going to camp or stay in a cabin, also let me know if BBQ wont work for you, we can make tofu or something Any question can be directed to me... Thanks, Hammer On! Lee McKee Resident Artist, Blacksmith / Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park Program Developer / Alabama Art Casting *If you have time check out our links!* Tannehill Historic Ironwork State Park www.tannehill.org Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama https://www.facebook.com/IronSteelMuseum?fref=ts Tannehill Forge school of Blacksmithing www.facebook.com/pages/Tannehill-Forge-School-of-Blacksmithing/223833204346445 Alabama Art Casting https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alabama-Art-Casting/158958187458472 www.alabamaartcasting.org
  8. Hey folks, my name is Adam Kenney and I am the Executive Director of Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. Touchstone is a residential craft school located in the Laural Highlands. We operate over eight studios in various craft forms, but our flagship studio is definitely the Hart Moore Blacksmith Studio. It's one of the most comprehensive facilities in the region dedicated to the art ans science of moving hot metal. I started last July and am looking for ways to make Touchstone a more valuable resource for blacksmiths in the region (and beyond). I will be posting links to workshops and special events we have coming up in 2012. Since I Forge Iron is such a popular and visible online platform to talk about all things blacksmithing I thought it might be a good fit. Go to www.touchstonecrafts.org to check the place out, or click here to look at the catalog of workshops. Best, Adam Kenney Touchstone Center for Crafts
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