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  1. I have read on hear that some have seen others that have added power to an Edwards shear. I have a #5 I would like to add a hydraulic cylinder to. I can mount it next to my Di-Acro bender and feed it from that hyd system. Any photos or sketches would be appreciated.
  2. I know I am preaching to the choir here since nearly all of you have known Clay Spencer longer than I have but, His current tooling class is an intensive program that has rewards in the instruction, hands-on smithing and the bevy of tools that the participants take home. The current cost is $300 and is sure to rise with the rising prices of steel. Clay furnishes everything but personal protection equipment and he will provide a list participants must supply. I took home 18 pieces of tooling, most of which sell at meets for $35-$45 each. Clay demonstrates the use of each and shows how the tools cut time and effort in many day to day challenges in blacksmithing. Clay is more than willing to share his vast knowledge and the chance to pick up and handle his hundreds of tools, dies and patterns will inspire one to stretch their limits in their own shop. He has a well equipped shop with Tire Hammers, Treadles, numerous Grinding and Drilling Stations. The class uses coal, gas and inductive forges in all phases. Not only does he show how, but why his techniques work and their uses. It's a weekend class that runs 9AM to 9PM on Saturday and 9 AM to 3 PM On Sunday. I prefer not to list his contact information on the web but if you will PM me I will share his e-mail. He is listed in The Bits magazine in the annual membership issue. Joe Gassen
  3. I am coming for the meet. I know he will demonstrate the 25#. Hope much of it applies to the 50#.
  4. Hoping for some advice on tuning a LG 50# hammer ( new style) I just received. Hadn't been run in a few years and clutch pulley was nearly stuck with old grease and would not release. after replacing alemite fittings finally pumped enough grease to somewhat free it. The original 3 phase motor is rated at 900 rpm so it looks like at best I can get 180 bpm with current pulleys. The ram was sticking at TDC until I loosened the top gib somewhat but it still seems to have friction there to change rotation where it is not smooth. The clutch does not grab as well as I think it should but still tries to run-on when I release pedal. I can stop rotation by hand so it is not dragging too much. Seems not to be hitting very hard it wont demolish 3/4 walnut like 25# on youtube. Do the rams often need facing or scraping and should I remove ram and inspect? I am lubing with bar oil liberally and moly impregnated grease on front and back. I checked end play which is 25 thousandths. One more question, when I started to lift from mainshaft near rear pulley when installing unit and noticed some vertical play in shaft.. Best I can measure, it has 10 thou play upward after removing v- belts. The babbitt shims look pretty thick and wonder if I should remove one near the rear pulley. Any help appreciated.. Thx
  5. 2 1/2 inch by 9 inch FB here are $1.95 new. Stored in the dry (North Alabama)
  6. I live in North AL and have lots of woodworking tools. About 10 lie nielsons I think. would like to talk trade on forge with hood.

    Carving tools, small lathe ( I have 3 from craftsman to Powermatic 4224)

    Lots of wood, walnut, mahogany, oak, poplar, highly figured maple, sassafras, sycamore, some exotics etc.

    Joe Gassen 256-797-2324


  7. I am in North Alabama and just bought one from a guy with about 20 of them.

    It was a 4" and I paid $60. He does not have any 6" wide ones.

    Call me at 256-797-2324 and I will give you his contact info.


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