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  1. I have read on hear that some have seen others that have added power to an Edwards shear. I have a #5 I would like to add a hydraulic cylinder to. I can mount it next to my Di-Acro bender and feed it from that hyd system. Any photos or sketches would be appreciated.
  2. I know I am preaching to the choir here since nearly all of you have known Clay Spencer longer than I have but, His current tooling class is an intensive program that has rewards in the instruction, hands-on smithing and the bevy of tools that the participants take home. The current cost is $300 and is sure to rise with the rising prices of steel. Clay furnishes everything but personal protection equipment and he will provide a list participants must supply. I took home 18 pieces of tooling, most of which sell at meets for $35-$45 each. Clay demonstrates the use of each and sho
  3. I am coming for the meet. I know he will demonstrate the 25#. Hope much of it applies to the 50#.
  4. Hoping for some advice on tuning a LG 50# hammer ( new style) I just received. Hadn't been run in a few years and clutch pulley was nearly stuck with old grease and would not release. after replacing alemite fittings finally pumped enough grease to somewhat free it. The original 3 phase motor is rated at 900 rpm so it looks like at best I can get 180 bpm with current pulleys. The ram was sticking at TDC until I loosened the top gib somewhat but it still seems to have friction there to change rotation where it is not smooth. The clutch does not grab as well as I think it should but s
  5. 2 1/2 inch by 9 inch FB here are $1.95 new. Stored in the dry (North Alabama)
  6. I live in North AL and have lots of woodworking tools. About 10 lie nielsons I think. would like to talk trade on forge with hood.

    Carving tools, small lathe ( I have 3 from craftsman to Powermatic 4224)

    Lots of wood, walnut, mahogany, oak, poplar, highly figured maple, sassafras, sycamore, some exotics etc.

    Joe Gassen 256-797-2324


  7. I am in North Alabama and just bought one from a guy with about 20 of them.

    It was a 4" and I paid $60. He does not have any 6" wide ones.

    Call me at 256-797-2324 and I will give you his contact info.


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