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  1. No.... Sorry if it is misleading. the registration is part of the class fee. One Day - $35 Registration + $50 day of the class = $85 Two Days - $70 Registration + $80 day of the class = $150 Hope to see you There!
  2. Here's a tip or two.... Get it hot, Hit it Hard, know when to stop, and most importantly don't get ate by dingos! Good Luck!
  3. Here we go again! This time we will be holding a hammer head making class with world traveler and professional iron smasher, Matt Garton! Matt will be working with us to make a NEW TANNEHILL STYLE HAMMER! Each workshop goer will go home with a new hammer and the knowledge to make more. There will be a Boston Butt BBQ served with all the fixin's for lunch. The cost of this workshop will be only $85 and will include everything. There will be Iron In the Hat to pay for lunch, so bring something nice! ​ Registration info is as follows: Hello Fellow Blacksmiths, Now is the time that we will b
  4. Hello All, Attached is a list of some of the workshops we have planned at the Vulcan forge. They are all great classes and I welcome you all to take part in one or many. Please get with me soon concerning the hammer class as it is filling up quickly. If you have any questions feel free to shoot them my way. Also, there will be a forge pot casting class May 2nd - May 4th if anyone is interested. We will be pouring Iron again at Tannehill May 4th. Keep Calm and Hammer On, Lee McKee Minister of Propaganda / Vulcan Forge AFC Instructor / Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing Resident Artist /
  5. Did you go to David Lobdel's Iron Tribe event in AZ? That is how we do ours over here in Bama. The Bonded sand works very well and is cheap. In college we used Portland Cement and river sand.... You can get any cheaper than that and the wax is reclaimable.
  6. The first issue is the petro bond.... This is not 1942, we have new products that will do a much better job. My advise to you is to make your plaster mother mould to produce the waxes. Take the waxes and arrange them into a configuration that you can cast a few at one time and make a match plate for the job. If you are making multiples this would be the way to go, melt outs take a long time to make any sort of quantity. Once you have a good matchplate (in Aluminum) you need to use a good resin type bonded sand like Alpha Set or Chemcast "O". This will allow you to make many moulds and pour the
  7. If someone brought that to me and commissioned me to reproduce it I'd have to charge right around $250 to see the job through... The ring is easy enough to cast given the amount of material that is left unbroken. Nice blower by the way.... It may be worth saving as I have never seen one quite like it either...
  8. Have you thought of using an investment type material like Ludo? Basically just have sand and half plaster. It works very well for non-ferrous metals. It is the traditional way of doing lost wax melt outs and it is very cheap... Good luck!
  9. You could add a pour cup to the mould as it would increase you hyperstatic flow pressure as well as acting as a riser for shrinkage. you could also cut blind risers into the mould off to the side and cut them off before turning on the lathe. Not bad for your first casting.... If you need a bigger crucible you can weld one up out of steel as the 1300 degree heat will not phase it.
  10. If you are ever down South you are more than welcome to come to Tannehill Ironworks State Park and the Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing. We are in McCalla Alabama and offer a visiting artist program. You receive no money but, If you work certain number of hours a week for the Forge you can have free use of the Blacksmith's shop and foundry as well as free room and board. You can sell anything you make on your own time for extra money... Let me know if you are interested
  11. Sort of off topic but, Tannehill Ironworks and the Alabama Forge Council will be holding workshops in cast your own swedge blocks and mandrels out of ductile cast iron this Fall if anyone is interested you can message me or email mckeemetalarts@yahoo.com...
  12. Hey Ronin... I'm one of the resident artists at Tannehill and can say that you are always welcome up here... Join our Face Book pages for more info on us... That being said, contact Joe Strange from Fairhope. 16821 StateHwy181 is his address and phone is 251-990-8789 or 251-379-3855 He is a big force in the Bay forge and should be able to help.... Good Luck!
  13. we get them at Tannehill every once in a while..... we just tell our students that it is the past resident blacksmith Bill Shoemaker playing practical jokes on us from beyond the grave... It happens at our forges when the wind blows over the top of the forge for anytime pushing the gasses up the pipe going to the blower... it normally happens while we are letting our forges "coke up" a little. and yes, you may need to change your pants after it goes off like a shotgun
  14. indeed...too bad we cant set then up an iforge account and internet access as well...
  15. Great Job! better watch out it is a bit addictive! -L-
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