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  1. Why cant I see any photos? I thought if I joined I would gain access but they are still dead links. Anvil - can you post a photo of your slitting tool profile? Also is there a good choice about what steel is hand forgeable and will hold its shape while hot ? I can goto metal supermarket to get most steel, but cant use power to forge.
  2. Thanks for the heads up much appreciated . the number is under the bick on the left.
  3. Yes thank you i found it on google, yet it speaks of trenton and hay budden . my serial is on the left side like the one in the other thread. I just didnt want to hijack the young fellas thread. Best regards.
  4. Hello all; I dont have a anvils of america book and was hoping someone might look this up for me? its marked AJAX next line JH Ashdown next line Winnipeg serial number 28418. weighs 123.5# Regards and Thanks for any help!