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Found 20 results

  1. Recently bought a house and will eventually be putting my blacksmith shop in the old chicken coop. My plan is to remove the screened portion to make the interior dimensions 140 inches wide x 280 inches long x 83 inches to the lone “rafter”. The back wall measures 58 inches high. The coop has a laid rock foundation with concrete poured inside. How would you guys/ gals arrange things? I currently have a solid fuel forge, but I am almost done with my dabbling at a propane forge and will likely transition to that since my access to solid fuels is not what i thought it would be. I have a post
  2. Many people come on this site, whether in the forums or the chat room, and ask where can they find tools, equipment, stuff, etc cheap and fast. It should be public knowledge that it takes money to get into blacksmithing, it is an expensive hobby and even more expensive to set up as a profession to earn a living. A 100 lb anvil will cost more than $200, tongs are better than $20 a pair, hammers are $20 and up, chisels and punches and flatters and swages and tools too numerous to mention all cost money...whether bought outright or made. Unless you want to emulate the poorest of the third world c
  3. Hi Guys, I have just been blessed with about thirty old school punches, hand fullers and chisels. After a week in a vinegar bath they are ready to go. Unfortunately i really do not have a good logical place (at the moment to store these so that i can use them without digging through a bucket or opening up 4 drawers to find what i am looking for. Anyone have a solution that works for them? Visual aids would be most welcomed. -c
  4. Hey everyone, As of late, I've been thinking of where I should set up my shop. I would use my garage, but I have my car parked in there at all times to keep it away from the North Carolina sun. My wife has no issues with me starting up my own shop, she just wants to make sure our house isn't set on fire in the process (reasonably so, as it's a rental). So, I figured since I have about another 2 years at the place, I could set up a forge outside in our backyard. We have these paver stones set into the ground, so I figured that would be a good flooring. All I need is to set up walls an a ro
  5. Alright so for my name I was going with JB Custom Knives. But that got taken so I went with JBowen knives but its taken too. I already have a touch mark with JB on it so I would like a new name that has JB in it or starts with that. Does anyone have a new name in mind?
  6. Greetings All! Cleaned up the shop today. It may not be much but it is mine. Yes, I live in a townhouse so Three Nail Forge has to take up only three nails of space :) If you also have a micro shop share some of your pics, It would be interesting to see what creative ideas you have come up with to maximize space. BTW that is the firs S hook I made in this shop
  7. First post. I am just getting into the hobby and am thinking about how to best set up my work space. I know a major concern is ventilation and I have read some of threads about forging indoors and the potential hazards. My question, is it ever be feasible to have a basement set up and would I just be asking for trouble trying to forge indoors? The only reason I am considering this is because I have a well functioning basement fireplace, and I wondered if I could use that to vent gases from a 2-burner propane forge. My basement specs: -Hearth and fireplace, flue in good conditi
  8. So i am 15 years old and have already sold several products and would like help with what i should do before i decide to actually make a business out of it.. currently i'm just trying to think of a name but any tips are welcomed. So here are a few questions i have. How do i figure out how much to charge for my work? Should i do custom orders or just sell it after its finished? How can i get more customers? What are some good books to read or videos to watch to improve my skills? How do i come up with a name? How do i come up with a logo and makers mark?
  9. NickOHH and his sidekick Marcy stopped by my shop today for a visit. A good time... we all learned something (more beer)......made a couple items.....if'n they'd come up in a truck instead of some kind of mini compact thingy, they woulda left with more.....buy Hey! Thanks for coming by guys...... Marcy has the pics...rag her....or so maybe Nick was her sidekick........so hard to tell these days.....
  10. Hello, straight to the point, I am planning to build a shed to start getting everything in for forging and work like that, and I was wondering, what materials should I use to build the shed? Anything special? And for the floor, I was thinking just bare dirt would work, but am I wrong? And if dirt is good, is there anything special I need to do to the dirt itself? Thank you for your time
  11. Afternoon, everybody... As the title suggests, I have registered here with the intention of re-starting the craft that was lost to me over fifteen years ago when a certain individual found it in his best interest to rob me blind of all the gear I had purchased and used within a two year period of time. As such, in the thirteen years I have spent after-the-fact, I have managed to come to realize that there are just those people out there who need your stuff more than you do. What else can you do but whine and complain, right? So to make a long story short, I have over 15 years of R&D ex
  12. Well folks, I have been yacking Stephen Olivo's ear off with my little tiny bits of progress towards shop-building, so I figured I would let him share the load...with you! I am in the process of cobbling together my first shop, and here is what I have so far: Stump: ash, 80-100 lbs. Scrap: spring steel, plus the caps of the shocks which MIGHT be big enough for a small forge. That's really about it. Things I still need: Forge Anvil Tongs Hammers Fuel Enough for now. Let me know if I missed anything!
  13. I had made a shop tour video of my woodshop. I finally decided to do one of my smithing area. This is about a week old, so I have already changed the design of how the railroad track is sitting. I also have an appointment to get more coal thanks to the local guild. Hope you all enjoy. Click here for video
  14. Hello all, I am plamimg on building a small shop as the wife does not want to hear me pounding in the garage at 3 am. So I have decided it will be either 16 x 20 or a 20 x 20. I went to the city and I do need a permit which is no big deal. However they did tell me that I will have to secure the building to a foundation. I had planned on setting the floor on block and simply filling the floor with gravel. This wont work because it is not secure. Any ideas on how to do this? Of course I am doing this on the cheap but I want it done right because I will be spending a ton of time in there. And a
  15. Charles McDonald

    My little smithy

    The little shop I built in my backyard... Tried to make it sort of Craftsman style.
  16. Hi everyone. My name is Rafael and I am new to this forum as well as new to the trade. For as long as I can remember bladesmithing has been a passion of mine, as well as blades in general. I have spent countless hours reading books and researching the subject, but have very limited hands on experience (several lessons with a local blacksmith). I am looking to start my own shop, a simple one with just the basics. First, I intend to build a forge. I have found several plans for simple to build forges, (http://www.timlively.com/washtubforge.htm or http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/how-to-plans
  17. Hey guys, now I finally installed the smoke flue I ordered. It is not yet 100% finished, cause it needs to be stabilized, the hole in the roof has to be made tight and the flue needs a roof. But it already does its job great! Thank you again for your good advise! Here are a few pics of the installation: If you want to built a similar installation and need some advise feel free to ask! - Daniel
  18. so now that its winter up here in canada, we are getting temperatires aroung -20C (-4F) and itsonly going to get colder...and colder...and even colder so, i have been having trouble getting motivated to go out into my outdoor, un-walled shop that is filling with snow so i have some questions. #1 how do you get motivated to get out there? #2 how would you protect your tools from snow and wind and rain (3 grinders a drill press a cutoff saw, saws all, drills and sanders) #3 what could i use for walls? i have portable horse stall pannels that i am using but it is under a slanted roof pole bui
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