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  1. Well technically if its solar its nuclear. Just really far away.
  2. Might as well get with the times and go solar. Haha, but really steam is not a bad idea. Already producing plenty of heat.
  3. Awesome, I love the idea of a power free shop, but it sounds like a lot of extra work. Im sure you will be pleased when you get some juice out there, for those grinders and P hammers.
  4. Oh yeah that sounds like a blast! Are ou running a zero electricity shop?, or have you somehow lost power to the space?
  5. Awesome Thomas, can you do a pictoral walk through of the experiment to put up in a thread for us, super curious to see what you put together.
  6. Im definitely not starting with making tongs. But hopefully they won't be too far down the line. I have a couple punches and chisels to make first. Probably after a few small projects to sort out the medium. But tooling is on the top of my list, im starting with more or less nothing other than a modified store bought 2 lb hammer and a massive hunk of steel to beat on.
  7. I am pretty stoked. I can't wait to get to put it to use. Hopefully soon, we are trying to get the forge built in the next week or so. Im scrapping together most of this operation so some parts come together faster than others. Next im trying to source somebody's old BBQ to build a small semi portable JABOD to burn charcoal.
  8. Oh yeah, an engin hoist would be great, im always on the hunt for a good deal on a cherry picker for the shop. I've also been considering an overhead chain hoist for the shop too. But either way I need to get a welder first, then I'll be able to weld tabs on to the round and have a way to secure and move it with said lifting device. Also building an A frame or tripod hoist with pullies wouldn't be too hard of a job. Im digging the thoughts. I just picked up some more drops that the guy had laying around. A few of these ones were snickered 4140. I am thinking I possibly have a good striking anvil here, as well as a few pieces that may make a good treadle hammer at some point. And a nice thick walled piece that I will make serve as a substitute for not having a hole in the anvil, so I can drift holes.... just a few of the ideas I have running around in my head. If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on ways to make tooling for the trade i would love to hear em. Here is a flick of the load I picked up today.
  9. Nice, thats a good thought, "lug wrench" Also Thomas, I've sorted the consistent supply, but only brought home what I could hold in my arms.
  10. Super great side thread guys! I would like to add, from my experiences in other creative endeavors, I find that screen time is very valuable to me. Personally I find watching others work really gets my mind moving in very inspired ways. I use this inspiration to get motivated to get on with making.
  11. Welcome, Fluff. My name is Matthew, I hail from the PNW as well. Also super new to the community and the craft here. @CheechWizard NTHS grad here too. I'm based just south of Portland now, but spend a bunch of time in Lacey and Olympia too.
  12. Arkie, thats a great point being made about the lower milage scrap being avaliable at a different source.
  13. Thanks, Rachelle. I'll be looking into those options once things get rolling in the shop. Im gonna start building my forge early next week, amongst a few other small projects to get the workshop ready to rock n roll.
  14. Definitely no sucker rod readily available in my neck of the woods.
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