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  1. This weeks project fresh out of the forge is a handled hot cut. Made from another hunk of the old jackhammer bit. The same bit I made the eye punch and drift used in this project from. (Super fun to think I made tools to make this tool from the same piece of reclaimed "trash") The couple of issues I had along the road were miniscule, but will need to be sorted out as I make more top tools or hammers. My initial punch bent and went a bit wonkie on me. So I used a different slot punch made from coil spring steel to finish the job. Then went back to the initial punch to just drift the
  2. M.G.

    Fire poker

    And another great handle!! I'll be looking to thus thread for inspiration later.
  3. M.G.


    Oh. Humm. This one is free floating in the pass through. With a little more gap than I would have liked. Im also not super stoked on the comfort level of this style of handle. I may try a similar method but with different shaped wings as well. Im definitely going to be making more corkscrews with different design and construction. Maybe when I start getting really consistent screws I will try making a folder with a foil knife too. And thanks!
  4. M.G.


    Today I finished up my second attempt of making corkscrew. Drew up some plans based on a Mark Asprey video I found on the tube. Made from reclaimed automotive coil spring. I missed photos of the pre form and the slot punch and drift, as well as threading the eye. But here are some shots of what I did think to capture. Side by side of first and second attempt at the same stage...
  5. Thanks Frazer. Its wonderful what a little pre planning can do for a project. I'll do a project thread in members projects soon. Just wanted to share with those who helped first.
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the tips, as always. Here is a quick update on the cork screw. Second try went much smoother. This time I drew up step by step plans to follow.
  7. Thanks Nobody Special. About what I pictured
  8. Thanks frosty. Just a bit of curiosity about the toxic alloys. Ill definitely ask for sure. I was thinking peined over tenon. But I was also thinking about ways to lock the screw in place in the handle to keep it from twisting. Ie. A square or slotted hole and tenon.
  9. True, I have noticed. Talk about dirty jobs. Breaking up lump is flicking messy. And some of that Cowboy charcoal comes out pretty large. But it burns great. I noticed that Royal Oak likes to send streams of exploding fire fleas everywhere. I think it's more dusty than the cowboy...???
  10. Frosty, working with rod at that size, how would you go about fixing the screw to the handle? Also what would be considered toxic?
  11. thanks. The hot cut works pretty well, but I may have tempered it a bit too soft. Probably a good call for my current skill level. But I think I will be dressing the hot cut every couple projects,until I decide to re heat treat. As for the forge. I think I like it, especially now that I have upgraded my blower a few times. The Champion no. 400 is a great blower. Previously I was using a tiny Buffalo Forge blower, which required about 3x the cranking power to get the air I needed. And before that I was using a giant box bellows, which was plenty of air, but also took about 4x the amount
  12. Wirerabbit, thanks! But in attempt not to muddy the waters in the hot cut thread, I will post a thorough reply in my forge build thread and tag you in it, we can pick up this discussion over there. Frazer, as for using mild, I would only be doing that as practice, to work out my preform proportion and technique without wasting time and energy on carbon steel just to toss it in the scrap bin. I figured that mild would not be suitable for actually extracting corks.
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