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  1. Sure thing. Thomas. I figure it's like taking two friends on a really long and expensive beer run.
  2. Tangledriver, Hahaha, the car took it well for as tiered as the rear struts are. Didn't complain one bit.
  3. Deimos, sorry for the typo, last response, auto correct you know. I bet there was a bit of hassle getting an anvil out of a trunk. Well I got a temporary stand put together and she is all settled in to her new spot for now. At some point down the road will fabricate a steel stand for it. But I want to dial in a proper working height and get a feel for what will work best. So now it's back to the day job for the week. Hopefully I'll get to fire up the forge next week.
  4. Great looking blades guys. Here is my most recent forging.
  5. Demos, I couldn't seem to bribe any of my friends with beers to come lift heavy things that day, so I hit the local Listings and found the roughest cheapest hoist I could find. Made it a breeze. And I am thankful to my friends for declining my offer, now I have a hoist and a six pack of frosty ones. Hahahah
  6. Thanks for the tip Frosty. Don't be fooled, the hoist is about as rough as they come. But it will do the trick for anything I have in my shop, for the time being ...
  7. Thanks guys, it's kind-of hard to beleave that just a year ago I didn't even have a space to hang a hammer, let alone a full workshop set up for blacksmithing. Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration!
  8. I got tired of chasing my 100lbs Trenton around the shop, and picked up something a little bigger. Hopefully with a decent stand this one will not want to run away as easily under the hammer. I found this on the List locally. And have had a few interactions in the past year with the gentleman that imported it. When I saw it posted I knew that my 2x72 purchase would have to be put off and I would end up spending countless hours hunched over various work pieces with files in hand. But I would never "NEED" to buy another anvil. This forged double horned south german pattern with upsetting block weighs about 282lbs. She is perfectly flat with what look to be factory edges (minus the couple of minor chips on one side) She shows no signs of welded repairs on any part of the face, or edges. Has excelent rebound, looks like roughly 80 to 90% return on a steel ball bearing if not better. The only stamps are the 128, kilo note. And what looks to be a double stamping of "ARH" above the kilo weight stamp. If any one is familiar with this stamp I would love to hear about it. But as I understand it may forever be a mystery, as I was told this is to be a War time anvil where the makers marks were negelected..?? I am looking forward to doing some heavier work on it in the near future. Next is to set up a temporary wooden stand, while I source the material to fab up a steel tripod throne. Here are some shots of the move and some of the finer details of the new anvil. Then in the last shot is the stack of all my anvils minus a couple of extra cake sized drops of 4140 that get used occasionally for beating on. 100lbs. Trenton 282lbs german double horn 240lbs non hardened tool steel drop
  9. Thanks Frosty, I agree about larger leafs. This being my first run making leafs, there is a lot of room for improvement, and I'm looking forward to refining my process and vision at my next opportunity to do more ornamental work. But in the meantime I need to make some tooling for my next project.
  10. Thanks, Daswulf. That's what I'm afraid of, hahahah.
  11. This last week I decided to make my mom a piece of yard art, that she has been dropping hints about for her birthday. I figured it would be a great way to practice forging tapers corkscrews and leafs. Also got to do some mig welding for the first time in about 18 years. All set and done I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I will be sure to post a photo in its final installation once it has been gifted. Here was the original idea laid out in sketches, things changed a bit as I worked through the project, but here it is.... enjoy.
  12. Got the tanto finished and assembled. Lots of flaws lots of learning. I failed at creating a proper hamon, it shows up at the base of the blade at before the tang but not in a horizontal pattern with the blade, but perpendicular to the blade... The handle cracked after the epoxy set up. And the blade nolonger locks into the scabbard tightly, I would love to make new furniture for it but I will hold off for a while and move on to the next project ad apply what I've learned here.
  13. Ok sorry, im not familiar with the process, or the terminology. But im all ears. I understand that mokume is different kinds of metal "welded?"together in a forge. But not sure what the process is called. Or if it's called the same or some thing completely different if it is just copper to copper...??
  14. Could I forge weld them? Like in mokume gane?
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