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  1. yes thats a good way to do it, but i don't own a belt grinder.... its on the list of things i want to buy....
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words todd, I was planning on getting a 4 pound hammer and practice to make the round face on there. ( I needed a 4 pound rounding hammer) I understand that it was hard to explain but in get it:) PS. You can call me Jeroen, thats my real name, maybe a little hard to pronounce:) Jeroen (aka Smitse)
  3. Thank you very much! the thing i struggled with was that it shouldn't be a half round "ball" but it should have different radii... but i kept getting a flat spot in the middle i don't know how to get it out in the picture you don't see a half round ball but neither a flat spot. how would i remove the flat spot????
  4. I know I was at his shop some time ago. He helped me make this hammer and gave me some valuable tips. It was a lot of fun working with him! I am also familiar with his videos, but thanks a lot for the tip! -Smitse
  5. Im from The Netherlands, Maastricht Nebreska in quite a trip But thank you very much for the offer!!
  6. Thanks again!!! I made it this year just not so lang after my 14th birthday!!
  7. I recently started making hammers myself, i've made a rounding hammer but struggled grinding the round dye ( in don't have a belt sander only an angle grinder) Any tips? thanks!!