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  1. Peppie

    New Press Design???

    Chris, I to have built many pieces of high end furniture. Was leaning toward the Art Deco theme. ThomasPowers, neat idea.....or make the lifting eye the shape of a bell?? Bubba. TY, I am thinking I need small more compact than my last build. Been thinking I may need a couple of gussets on the back side. 2 each, one on each side of the opening, running top to bottom. Would help keeping the 1" plate straight over time. Not sure it would be needed at only 16 ton.
  2. Had so much fun building my last press, thought I would have another crack at it. The pic below is a rough draft! All the details can be worked out as long as I have a solid foundation. The foundation (frame) is a piece of 1" plate cut to the drawings dimensions Shooting for a 16 ton press. 4" bore with a 6" stroke. 5ph motor to drive a 11gpm two stage pump. That will provide " almost" 1" per second on the second stage of the pump, according to Batson. The press will sit on top a custom built I-beam to strengthen the bottom. (Not in drawing, ran out of paper space). I know a few of you press guys out there will be able to say ," yes this is possible ", or " No, you have lost your mind" All input appreciated Peppie
  3. Update.... I designed the press with an 8" throw, I built the press with 10" between the dies, so as to have room for a punch system in the future. Many press owners have stated the it is better to not extend the shaft to full length. So I started building my dies on a platform to keep approximately 1/2 of the shaft buried in the cylinder. After building 6 different platforms, I realized that I am a true idiot! It's a wonder I designed and built this press. I have just finished building a couple of platforms to accept, and quick change the dies. This method will save me 28" of welding bead, not to mention the added material and time. You can research until the cows come home. But NOTHING compares to experience. After using my press for the past six weeks or so, I have realized there are going to be some major changes on the next build!
  4. Your on the right track. You need to s rap the frame it is in, less that 1 1/4" plate. I vote for an "H" frame style. Keep it simple. Less moving parts, the better. Nice score. You couldn't buy the fluid for your future press for the price you payed.
  5. I have alot of 4140,4150,52100, all are in the round form. I guess I can press them square, or rectangle, then send them off to my machinist.
  6. Sewedfiddle, my creativity is not an issue. The thing on my shoulders, says do your research. For me that means look what others have done! That helps me know what not to do for my ability. It also helps me understand what will work for me , in my shop and my tooling. My understanding the function of this site is to help other be more informed, to share ideas, techniques,and knowledge to those seeking help. If you have nothing constructive to offer on the posters question, I suggest you just scroll on by and save the poster, and yourself some time. TY John , Travis does have a nack for slick engineering, I will have a look. ThomasPowers, I have thought about that, just seems that it would take up more space than I can afford to give up in my small shop. An attachment to the grinder will suit my needs and space better. Peppie
  7. Want to fab up a surface grinder for my 2 X 72. Looking for ideas, info, plans,and links. TY
  8. TY guys, I have a tarp that covers the side were the bench and the leg vise or located. I pull it down when I work out there. I have some bypass door hardware to be mounted for two sides away from the forge. Just haven't got to hanging it yet. I will use the same metal siding for the door panels. That should block the weather and keep most the heat in during winter forging.
  9. TY Thomas, yes I have access to a machine shop, and a heat treating co. These dies are for a hydraulic forging press rated at 24 tons. They will be used to form, flatten, and shape hot carbon steel. The run time of the press will be approximately 8-20 hours per week. Dont mind paying for quality material. IMO it is cheaper in the long run.
  10. Thomas powers, What Information or details is needed?
  11. TY Frosty, Going to keep this first attempt simple, drill some holes in it for a rain drop. Need to work on building some dies for the press. Now that I have really used it, I have a much better understanding of what I need, for what I want to do
  12. Was wondering if I could fit a semi- well tooled forge in a small space... so far so good.
  13. Proof is in the pudding.
  14. Which alloy is best used for forging press dies? What hardness? Also what product is recommended to coat the dies to help prevent the hot metal from sticking to the dies?
  15. Paragon, thanks again. I will get some perforated metal and do a bit of tweaking once it arrives