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  1. TY JHCC Got her all plumbed in, and setting on its permanent home. Been doing some short low temp burns, after I baked the burner in the wife's oven for a few hours. Shhhhhhhh. Going to slowly increase the temp and burn time for two more day before turn the inside a nice orange ish white. I will post up a video of the swirl soon. How far off the burner block should the flame be? 1/4"? 1/2"? 1" ? Looking for that sweet spot. 20190524_185226.mp4
  2. Pulled the burner out of the mold today. Looks great. I used Bic Pen Blanks for the ports.I used toilet bowl wax ring on the form for a easy release agent. I thought it best to angle the ports a bit so the flame wasn't pointing directly on the side of the forge. Got some heat cycling to do next.
  3. This is how I held the wool and refactory in place on my shell
  4. Frosty, It will be a few weeks before I can lite it up. Wife has me boxed into to a honey-do list. She bought new furniture, and I have a crap load of painting to do just so the color of the new pillows dont clash with the walls.. Go figure??
  5. I have a 100lb tank, with a 40lb back up. One of the advantages of a ribbon burner is the ability to run the burner at a lower psi in turn using less fuel.
  6. Got the base bricked, and refractory spread. Fabbed the ribbon burner. Coated the door and the back of the forge body, before I ran out of gas for the day
  7. No one has gone down this path? I just bought 60 Bic ink pens. The cap to these is about 1/32 larger in diameter of the pens body. Wonder how deep the pen lid should be set into the burner? 1/8" ? 1/4" ?
  8. Had some time to work on the new forge. Has a few coats of high temp paint. Installed 2 , 1" layers of wool. Fabbed up the floor/stand. Next will be the insulation for the floor
  9. TY both for taking time to educate me on this subject. The working pressure will be 2500psi . The single stage pump ( preferably) between 3 to 4 gpm. The ram is 4" bore. Looking to get (fingers crossed but not holding my breath) a minimum 1" per second speed. I would even consider a 3" bore if it would yield me 12-16 tons. And increase the ram speed. It seems that most all the 3hp or larger motors are 3ph. In that case I would need to purchase a converter. That would increase the price to the point were it would work better for me to piece together a power pack with a single phase motor.
  10. Thanks for offering up some reasonable options Frost. It is much appreciated. On my last press build I used a 2 stage 11gpm pump powered by a 3450 rpm 5hp single phase motor. The second stage pushes the 5" bore at 3 gpm. Giving the ram speed .59 " per second. I found that comfortable while using this 24 ton press. For the new press I am designing, I will be using a 4" bore x 6" stroke cylinder. I "assume" I will need a pump that will provide a minimum of 3gpm to achieve the same speed as the 24 ton press mentioned above. I am not so much worried about the total tonnage of this new build. Anywhere fro 12 to 18 tons would be acceptable. If I am able to increase the speed of the 4" ram for a reasonable price ,I would like to have it closer to 1 " per second, but doesn't need to be more than 1.5" per second. Not sure how to relate ( or calculate) psi into this scenario The units you mentioned in your reply were much more affordable for my build, as opposed to the units I thought I may need to pull this build off. You have given me new hope. Popeye needs a little brother. Peppie
  11. Holy cow!! My wallet isn't that fat!! If I were to go that route with a 5 hp unit..... I wouldn't have any cash-Ola left for hoses and fittings!
  12. Frosty, That is were I was going wrong on my search.. My terms for my search were to wide spread. Your cookies are on the way. I've read enough on here to realize your bark is sometimes to the point. At times that is exactly what needs to be brought to someone's attention. I myself dont like to have facts surger coated. Kizzy, thanks for the info, it is very helpful. I am trying to decide if my wallet is fat enough to go this route . I just finished a 24 ton press build. I enjoyed it so much, I am designing another 16 ton. Thanks again
  13. Did a search last night, and came up empty. All I found was hydraulic powered water pumps. Thanks for the reply Frosty. BTW. I prefer soft Charmin for a .......wipe.
  14. Designing a press. Look for a site that sells an in tank hydraulic pump. Also looking for motor size to power such pump??? Peppie
  15. Was reading a post from 2016 last nite. A member here related to a ribbon burner manufacture mentioned a flare at the end of each burner port . Seems easy enough to do...But he also mentioned that the length of the port and the depth and diam of the flare was important. He did not offer any numbers. Maybe a trade secret?? Would there be a big difference in burner performance? Or am I just splitting hairs as a hobbiest? Peppie