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  1. JHCC, that design has also been rolling around in my head. I was concerned that when I were to beat on my work that the anvil would shift. Didnt know if the #200 would stay put. Anvil should be here in a few days. Dont want to drill the belly....Dont want to cover the feet... 9h what a whirl what a whirl.. lol
  2. Not so sure this anvil will be so easy to fashion effective hold downs. It has pig feet. The 4 feet have a shallow, upward curve. I would really like to not cover up the feet. They give a very aesthetic look to this style of anvil.
  3. Now that I have gotten the attention of some very experienced smiths.. I have a question. To mount the 4 footed pig anvil to the base plate. I was thinking of laying the anvil upside down and drilling 2 , 3/8" holes,and taping them. This would allow me to use all thread to cinch it down to the base plate. Thoughts??
  4. Thank You Chris. C, that was what I had planned... "Solid!"
  5. Frosty--- knowing you have seen hundreds of stands.... your statement puts a smile on my face, and a fancy feather in my cap. Miss Piggy will feel like she is belly deep in mud! Captropheus- I have a habit of over killing. Latticino- yes, I spent today mixing up an oily batch of play sand, and packed the column full.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I cant leave well enough alone. Lol I had seen a post somewhere that a Smith mounted a vise very near to his anvil. That got me thinking.... could be very beneficial to have a third hand.
  7. Upper shelf will be for my most used hammers and a butcher's brush. Bottom shelf will be a catch- all. The wait for my piggy anvil is killing me! Should have it by the end of next week. I think I am going to install a couple tubes under the anvil base plate to accept a vise mount.
  8. Had time to make them "kinda" rustproof. I kept the color theme to blend in with the press.
  9. Been working on mine for a week or so. Just finished protection from rust. Waiting on my anvil to be delivered. Both top and bottom shelves swivel independently. I can also totally remove them if needed.
  10. Yesterday I fabricated the top shelf. Wanted it to hold a few hammers and a butcher's brush. I like that both the shelves can be turned out of the way, or I just remove 5ge shelves completely.
  11. Today I had time to get the bottom shelf fabricated.
  12. So today I fabricated a swivel arm to hold 2 shelves. One for below the anvil, and a self for just above the face of the anvil.
  13. Yes, Italy. I wanted to down size from my #300 PW. I fell in love with the Italian design Piggy. Ordered from a reputable web site. Shipping and customs was a large chunk of $. I made enough from the sale of the PW to pay for the #198 Piggy. You only live once...who is to say you cant have nice things? The former PW was mounted in almost the same fashion. It was very very solid. This mount should be the same.
  14. Topped all of that off with a 8 X 12 X 3/4" base plate. This is solid. More to come......thinking about a swiveling shelf???
  15. I am a firm believer in mass under your hammer should be as solid as possible. So this is were I started for the mount of my Italian Piggy. It is in transit from Italy, should be here in about 2 weeks. The cedar log is buried 3' in the ground. It has a tendon cut on the top to accept a 6 X 8 X 1/4" rectangle steel tube. I scratched my head for a few days on how I wanted to keep the stand column in place and firmly attached to the stump tendon. I first made a square washer out of 1/4" plate to fit around the tendon. This will prevent the 1/4" thick steel column from digging into the top 9f the stump. I lag bolted the base of the column to the stump tendon as seen in the previous picture. That will keep the column from tipping from side to side... but I needed to keep the steel column to stay firmly on top of the steel plate washer. I mounted 3/4 of a square steel tube to the tendon. It is lagged into the tendon from the sides. I then bolted a length of 1/2" all thread to the bracket.