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  1. I like the casting work. I need build a more dedicated foundry for when I cast some more stuff waste to much gas using the forge. Plus need larger crucibles.
  2. Yeah I have done some casting of mini anvils in the past I might make a copy or two in the spring.
  3. I have bought many anvils over the years and sometimes whole shops just for one or two specific tool. I had a habit of also obtaining mini anvils in the process and kept them. Would love to see everyone’s collections. I assume since they don’t serve much use being so small I won’t get too much grief for not using them.
  4. So if I remember correctly these were military anvils right? Does anyone know the maker of them?
  5. Look at harbor freight they sell a similar cast iron one for around $65.00(they aren’t very good)
  6. Realistically the normal prices for an anvil in that shape sells for 3-6 a pound looks to be 130-140 pounds do the math.
  7. Yeah I have always been more of break it then fix it when it comes too situations like the bolts Finesse has never been one of my attributes . I can’t remove the pins either too rusted so since it all works I am just going to clean it up and put it back to work.
  8. Were you able to remove the bolts on the main steel jaw? I don’t want to used heat but those bolts are rusted pretty solid.
  9. Al, I just picked up what I can only assume is the same model is yours those diagrams are going to be a big help with fixing mine I already replaced the missing spring so it works at least.
  10. That’s what I meant as in more then likely used at a factory and they used it to identify it.
  11. This isn’t mine. I may buy it not sure will have to look at it in person first. I always found these factory plates so interesting that wanted to share it. I wish they could talk.
  12. I have seen that symbol beforehand on an a mini anvil beforehand. I don’t think it has anything to do with Vulcan that anvil style was very common with ASO, vulcan, fisher, Samson, badger and others.
  13. Yeah that was a decent price. It looks perfectly fine for a Vulcan just mount it and put it too use
  14. Umm looks like basket and Robbin mint with Chocolate chip ice cream.
  15. Well I have spoken to Greg(Holland) many times he takes the process very seriously to make a high quality anvil. It’s true in general there is more of a market for old anvils vs new but if it’s going to be used as a tool get a new one if it’s an investment get an old one.
  16. Well to be clear only the female on it is brass. I have seen a few over the years but it is the first I have owned. I am curious was this factory? Looks like it was based on quality of the cast. Was there a specific company did this or reason why? I have started cleaning it (I didn’t put the chop or grinder marks on it) but I know many post vises didn’t have maker’s marks. Jaws are 5” haven’t weighted but I guess 80lbs
  17. The guy said he ground it down. Intentional or not didn’t like how he presented it for sale just shady. I walked away from it. I was the first one to see it he had no interest in lowering the price after he misrepresented it stating he had four other people willing to buy it. One day later he dropped his claims of weight from 750 too 350 still doesn’t weight that maybe 250lbs and dropped the price from 750 to 600 but still way to much for a ground down broken heel anvil in my opinion.
  18. Was around 250lbs What he wanted for it was unrealistic for an anvil in that shape. The one too the right was an early us trademark Hay Budden. Weight was probably in the 100lbs range. He also had a 40lbs Vulcan and a dozen stakes. Didn’t want to sell the quality stuff just that anvil.
  19. Debating if I want to check this guy out. We all here the it 750lbs or at least 500lbs bs. I am guessing based on the damage and tape measure it’s more the likely 350lbs max thought?
  20. If the person is aware of the value of the anvil I agree. There is always those folks that don’t care about the value and in that case go for it. If it’s a situation of lack of knowledge then the friend should be informed of it and then let the deal take its course.
  21. Just FYI if he is your friend you would be doing him a disservice making that deal. I know for a fact that a 606lbs hb sold for 16k last year. If you are just starting out a set of knives from you wouldn’t be worth a couple hundred dollars. Not trying to be mean just honest.
  22. The Oxford dictionary describe it as a group. The group consists of two or more so there’s your answer .
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