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  1. Thanks y’all, I appreciate the info!
  2. Has anyone made copper brass or copper brass and quarter mokume in a kiln? If so would you mind sharing your process? Just got my evenheat kiln and was thinking it would be perfect for mokume.
  3. So I'm reading the Textbook Of Mokume Gane by Masaki Takahashi NPO Japan Mokumegane Research Institute. Its a good read and very inspirational. It has me wanting to make finger guards out of Mokume. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the nickel from Amazon? I have a bunch of copper sheets and brass sheets I scored from a scrap yard by my house. Here is a link to the nickel in question.
  4. I was pming with Glenn and he was saying pretty much the same thing you are. He suggested it would probably have to me the main topic then several subcategories. I just think it would be awesome to have a category for it and be able to easily access that info. Also the subcategories for hammers, hair pins, knives etc would also be a huge help.
  5. Steve, how come we have a Mokume Gane section but no Damascus section?
  6. As it turns out I recognized the name on the book. I went into my office and was scanning my bookshelf and low and behold I had it the whole time. I got this this book when I first started making knives before I started forging. Thanks for the recommendation. E3823F04-2A60-4605-ACBA-60CCD1002B2B.heic
  7. Ive made several damascus blades and just winging it as I go along. I've been successful so far, until my last blade had some welds that didn't take. I use 1075 and 15n20 cut to size welded corners and soaked in kerosene. I don't use borax because I use a gas forge and don't want to degrade the bricks with the borax. All the info I have in my brain is from YouTube and a brief conversation with Jim Poore. So I'm looking for a book and I've checked out the book review section but didn't see anything within the first 4 pages. Is there a book that covers canister, pattern welding, Damascus techniques? The pic is the last knife I made and had to shorten because of the bad weld. Any info is greatly appreciated DAB65C6D-1228-490F-8814-182F2D08B3FC.heic
  8. Anyone know anything about this old girl? She has a cracked cast iron pot, so I’m going to use an old farm disc as a pot. Here she is if anyone had information I would appreciate it.
  9. Short story of me. I started making knive by material removal about 8 yrs ago. Split with girlfriend and lost my shop 4 years ago. Stuff sat in boxes till last year, I set up shop in my new garage. Started removal knives again and dove head first into blacksmithing again. History out of the way onto pin discussion, I’ve made bunches on mosaic pins but want to find the pin stock with shapes. I’ve been looking since I started marking knives 8 yrs ago. I don’t know if I’m just garbage at googling or what but I can’t find stock anywhere. I can find complete pins but I want to make everything in-house. This is what I’m looking for the shapes in the center of the pin. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. My bad, I’m going to cut out a spade ♠️ shape and pop it in the forge then hammer forge in the curvature.
  11. Hey y’all, want to make so garden tool for my wife and her family. I want1075 so that way it will hold a bit of an edge but don’t know which kind. Hot rolled, cold rolled annealed, scaleless blue tempered? What’s the best choice? Pic to show full list of options. Also what gauge would you guys suggest? I was thinking 14-16?
  12. Oh yeah, he’s an awesome dude, No doubt about it. I have a Holland swage block and know they make quality products. This is a tool but it would be awesome to have a tool and an investment. Not 466 it’s 440lbs
  13. Antique anvil from a company that has been gone for decades, I think will hold a higher value. Vs something someone can buy new. So if I spend 2600 on it die in ten years my family would probably get 1000?
  14. Hey guys, I’m trying to decide on my next anvil it’s a toss up of a perfect shape S&S 387lbs no sideshelf north German or a holland north German style with a side shelf 466 lbs. I’m really torn between the two. The s&s is lighter but older and has no side shelf but has the cool old factor going for it. I also think it’s going to increase in value and I think a used holland will depreciate. I’m thinking down the road for my family when I’m gone. This will be my dream worker anvil. Anyway, do Any of you guys that don’t have a side shelf wish that you did? Also you guys with a side shelf can you tell me the best advantages of having one? Any help as always is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey guys, if this is the wrong spot for this I apologize. I want to make some stuff from nuts and bolts. What kind of bolts should I buy and how can I know a 100% that they have no harmful coatings? I want to make a carving knife from a bolt and a ring from a nut. Also want to use them for various therapy projects. As always your help is greatly appreciated.
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