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  1. I just picked this up today was a deal at the price but the guy clearly torched or did something to it I am deciding if the cost-benefit is worth it to repair it I am planning on reselling it. If anyone has had this kind of work done professionally what was the costs and would it be rude to suggest to them the gunter process?
  2. So punny! I got two post vices but could pass on that deal.
  3. Yeah trenton would be my guess I am in Skokie if you want to see what a hay budden looks like.
  4. Yeah dont think its mousehole the shape is a bit off but there were like 300 english anvil makers back then so i doubt I will ever know
  5. I just picked this up for $500 pretty sure at that weight I got a good deal needs some work and cleaning up. I have very little information on it if anyone can tell me anything other then its English and old I would appreciate it. I cleaned it up a bit but could not find any makers marks other than the weight.
  6. I picked this guy up along with some tongs today was missing one of the lockdown swivel bolts but other than that pretty good for 30.00
  7. Yeah, my thought as well looks like it was done when it was made.
  8. I got a hold of him it's an 80lbs fisher and wants $350 for it and in my opinion, that's too much.
  9. I am thinking of buying this? Its a couple of hours from me the guy just said it heavy but no maker or weight.
  10. I am pretty informed about anvils but picked this guy up last week as part of a package deal anyone know anything about it?
  11. I honestly didn't touch it but I will check it out later today and let you know.
  12. Everything turns when i move the fan. The fan gears, shaft, and handle. It has a lot resistance but does turn when i try to move it from the handle i get nothing.
  13. So this is, unfortunately, my fault. I bought this with a lot of other blacksmith stuff and it was frozen solid no movement i took it apart and cleaned it up got it spinning after cleaning out 100 years of rust and oil. I was attempting to mount it to a stand i made when the handle slipped off and it fell right on my foot (lucky for me i had steel toed shoes on). I didn't notice any cracks or damage and I realized a locking screw had been sheered off the handle at some point in the past. I can no longer get it to spin by the handle only when i manually turn the fan will stuff spin, i did take
  14. I have one that I am trying to sell but its the whole thing. The main body has a hole where one of the bolts go but it turns(not well) and has all its parts. I am planning on selling it if you want to make an offer.
  15. Yeah i saw someone using a v-link belt i suppose since the rotation is so low that should work even if it's not authentic it should be functional the screws are pretty rusted on it and the gasket looks to be getting to the point that once taken apart it will need to be replaced so the v-link might work to start
  16. Thanks just added my location I am going to see if there is a upholster nearby and see if they got some strips of leather castoffs is there a thickness you would recommend?
  17. I picked this guy up this weekend never heard of the maker does anyone have any information on it.
  18. I didn't see any posts on this yet if there are I am sorry. I just picked up a whole bunch of stuff at a farm got some anvils, tongs, hardy tools and a what appears to be a complete Canedy-otto forge minus heat shield and belt and a separate much larger canedy-otto blower. I am normally a gas forge guy but have always wanted to work with coal. So my question is first does anyone have any videos or manuals of the proper way to replace the belt and what size belt is needed and any gaskets that should be done as well. If no videos or manuals exist could you recommend what I should mess with and
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