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  1. I guess they could of been used for a lot of different things either way coming across them at random while looking for tools was just good fortune.
  2. Could be? A buddy thought it might be for terra-cotta tiles. They are cool no matter what. Yeah
  3. I picked these up today for $10 each ($20) I figured I could use them with copper sheet. I was curious if anyone knows what there original intent may have been?
  4. Thanks for the information so far the research I have done has suggested borax as an additive but will do step by step research before I give it a go. As for the removal of the crucible I have several tongs from foundries and wheel Wright’s(extra long) that don’t serve a practical purpose in my shop so a little modification and they should work perfectly for the project.
  5. Thanks frosty. I figured I would give it a go but wasn’t sure if the geometry was going to make it impossible(or sometype of convection I couldn’t conceive). I may consider a melter if I decide to try casting anything(got a ton of mini anvils I have kind of wanted to cast) will see how this goes first.
  6. Just to be clear this is not an area of expertise I have. I would welcome any information. I have been blacksmithing for a decade now. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel but I am interested in gaining some more knowledge. I run a gutter company and get quite a bit of copper gutters and downspout(I would cut out the lead joints)I was curious if it is a simple enough process given the equipment I have a twin burner propane forge lined with 2" of #8 kaowool and sealed with a refractory cement. Both ends are open but can be sealed with fire brick for the process. I have a small crucible with l
  7. Yeah like many of the other guys said. I will say to make a sword with traditional methods and make anything other then a piece of junk takes years and years. It also requires an apprenticeship to learn and this education is rarely if every free having said that I wish your luck. I would suggest you dial your expectations way down and start at the beginning and work your way too it.
  8. Yeah I live south of you and when ever I get up north. I have hit up dozens of junk yards and found one anvil once. Don’t expect to find one there you will be looking for many years
  9. Yeah it was definitely a find. I love the history of blacksmith equipment.
  10. Yeah before Hay-Budden they started making anvils under there own brand they made it for a company called S.D Kimbark out of Chicago this is one of the two makers marks they had. I found this Northern Wisconsin. I also have its much bigger cousin a 1st year 350lbs(my main shop anvil) with most of that maker’s mark gone. Price wise I actually bought it with the intent as an investment since the collector market is so high right now.
  11. I just picked up this nice little early Hay Budden.
  12. [Ad hominem attack removed] The railroad repair shop is mostly a thing of the past. Almost all work on the railroad today doesn’t require an anvil and most certainly nothing larger then a 500lbs. They have factories for anything made and only use shops primarily for Maintenance [Further uncharitable language removed]
  13. Ranchman like it said in my whole post. Not just the part you captioned. you don’t need a bigger one you may want one but a larger one won’t help you.
  14. Good point I can’t think of anything a blacksmith really needs an anvil that weights over 500lbs for. I have a 350lbs Hay Budden and even with its damage it’s got more then enough surface to work with. The only people that want something bigger are collectors.
  15. I am aware of the show ones out there . I was more curious about actual anvils and again vintage not anything modern.
  16. So every so often I have some one ask me about buying a large 1000lbs + anvil. It’s normally a vintage anvil nothing modern. I am curious what’s the largest vintage anvil known to exist. I know of the 1400lbs Wilkinson anything larger?
  17. I think it’s the reality of any fad. I believe when these young folks see something on a show. They generally, are not aware of the amount of actual work it takes to become a blacksmith. I use to teach and my method was pretty simple from the people who really wanted to learn and those who just thought it was cool. I would give them a dull hacksaw and car spring. I would tell them to cut a piece off. It normally took an hour or so. I then had them anneal the metal. That was the first class if you showed up too the next class 90% didn’t. I would teach them basic skills. I think when they realiz
  18. Yeah I have gone to Illinois valley blacksmith meetings a few times over the years. I was just hoping someone had an online resource that might be already setup like a pdf or something so I could use it as a reference.
  19. I picked up a couple dozen power hammer tools. I don’t have a power hammer so they are just taking up space. Does anyone know where I could find a list to match them too? I intend to clean them up and either trade them or sell them at a later date. (Btw I know some of that is not power hammer tools that was just what was purchased.)
  20. Yeah I personally prefer multiple shapes cut completely threw when it come to a block I found ones with depression shapes for spoons or bowls aren’t as useful my wood stump is good enough for those.
  21. Just my .2 cents. I have talked to Greg beforehand on Facebook and seems like a stand up guy. As someone who buys and sells used anvils(helps pay for my dying dogs medical bills). I have found him to be honest in regards to his anvils. I am sure it’s not the place but I have noticed a few used anvils seller (SG) who attempted too prop up the market with false information and inflated prices I am glad to new anvil makers making sure that doesn’t happen.
  22. Do people still use them? I don’t think I would. I figure if that’s the case I would rather pass it along to someone who would rather then keep it.
  23. So just to be clear I do know what a bunch of the tools are just not all. I picked up this lot (there’s more)for a great deal but not sure what They were all used for. Any information is appreciated. the handle tools(second from the left has me stumped) the rest of those I know atleast
  24. Thanks guys will keep an eye out now just need To upgrade the welder next
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