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  1. Umm looks like basket and Robbin mint with Chocolate chip ice cream.
  2. Well I have spoken to Greg(Holland) many times he takes the process very seriously to make a high quality anvil. It’s true in general there is more of a market for old anvils vs new but if it’s going to be used as a tool get a new one if it’s an investment get an old one.
  3. Well to be clear only the female on it is brass. I have seen a few over the years but it is the first I have owned. I am curious was this factory? Looks like it was based on quality of the cast. Was there a specific company did this or reason why? I have started cleaning it (I didn’t put the chop or grinder marks on it) but I know many post vises didn’t have maker’s marks. Jaws are 5” haven’t weighted but I guess 80lbs
  4. The guy said he ground it down. Intentional or not didn’t like how he presented it for sale just shady. I walked away from it. I was the first one to see it he had no interest in lowering the price after he misrepresented it stating he had four other people willing to buy it. One day later he dropped his claims of weight from 750 too 350 still doesn’t weight that maybe 250lbs and dropped the price from 750 to 600 but still way to much for a ground down broken heel anvil in my opinion.
  5. Was around 250lbs What he wanted for it was unrealistic for an anvil in that shape. The one too the right was an early us trademark Hay Budden. Weight was probably in the 100lbs range. He also had a 40lbs Vulcan and a dozen stakes. Didn’t want to sell the quality stuff just that anvil.
  6. Debating if I want to check this guy out. We all here the it 750lbs or at least 500lbs bs. I am guessing based on the damage and tape measure it’s more the likely 350lbs max thought?
  7. If the person is aware of the value of the anvil I agree. There is always those folks that don’t care about the value and in that case go for it. If it’s a situation of lack of knowledge then the friend should be informed of it and then let the deal take its course.
  8. Just FYI if he is your friend you would be doing him a disservice making that deal. I know for a fact that a 606lbs hb sold for 16k last year. If you are just starting out a set of knives from you wouldn’t be worth a couple hundred dollars. Not trying to be mean just honest.
  9. The Oxford dictionary describe it as a group. The group consists of two or more so there’s your answer .
  10. Doesn’t look like it will be used for blacksmithing the way it is. So enjoy it I personally would never buy a freshly painted anvil.
  11. That’s a beautiful mosaic. My father was an archaeologist. I once went on a Native American dig with him. I got admit as a kid it wasn’t nearly as cool as I think it is now.
  12. Man you made my day. I went to college and Ancient Rome was my main focus of study. I would suggest checking out a book called . Artefacts in Roman Britain: Their Purpose and Use edited by Lindsay Allason-Jones The book has some great historical information on Roman anvils.
  13. I know boiling copper in vinegar does the trick when I am working it not sure if it would have the same effect on stainless.
  14. Not sure if this qualifies but I made this guy because I couldn’t find one to fit my 1 1/3” hardy hole.
  15. The anvil is a great beginning anvil. Unless your an experienced welder. I would suggest not messing with it. The fact is you will more then likely to more harm then good
  16. Several over the years although they are uncommon they aren’t 1 of 1 custom made hay budden anvils.
  17. This came with the hog tongs and everything else. what is it?
  18. I am a 6”3 Big old softy when it comes to animals. I am also a realist so I get the purpose back in the day just still feel bad(especially when I saw the diagram of its usage).
  19. Yikes! Just read about them seems rather Cruel but who am I to judge.
  20. Here are a few more photos
  21. Gotcha thanks guys. It was something I noticed literally it was among about 20 tongs so I appreciate the information.
  22. Timber Ridge Forge


    I picked up two of these in a lot of tools my guess is for a farrier but would love to know
  23. Yeah this was a lucky find but it was 120miles outside of Chicago near Madison wi. I really didn’t need everything. I learned long ago buy everything you see. I plan on keeping the block and selling the rest. It’s hard to justify spending this much on a tool after the holidays any other way.
  24. So I always say patience pays off. I ended up agreeing to buy most of the contents of an old farm blacksmith shop. The block is 16x16x4