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  1. So I received an offer that I would be crazy to refuse. An acquaintance of mine has offered up a trade, His 1904 Hay-Budden #622 anvil, for a set of smithed knives (no specifics were included on type/quantity etc) He is also going to bring the anvil to me (15 hour trip one way) for free. My question is.... As a beginner blacksmith, would it be more useful to try and sell said anvil to upgrade/purchase more tools for my shop or would I be crazy to get rid of that anvil? Smithing knives and cabinet door pulls etc I don't really know if i would need that behemoth of an anvil, but I'd rather
  2. @stevomiller Thank you for the well thought out reply! As to your questions; as far as thicker steel is concerned we build tanks (liquid tanks not the military vehicle type) so 3/4 is about the biggest we get barring specialty jobs. The material we receive for said specialty jobs is usually provided by the customer or third party and any drop or scraps are returned to the customer and/or third party. As far as the welding equipment we have, I personally can GMAW, SMAW, and GTAW and my machine can push 600 amps. We do have access to a SAW but after talking to the guy that runs that side o
  3. Although I agree that a piece of rail track would be a better alternative, as previously mentioned it is illegal in my state for the rail road companies to sell track (even to scrap yards) within the state. So in order to acquire a piece someone would have to break the law. Im not willing to break the law or ask others to in my stead in order to pick up a hobby for myself. I do appreciate your response and advice but rail track is not an option for me.
  4. Hello there. I have been wanting to get into blacksmithing for a few years now, but finding an anvil in my price range has been an unsuccessful journey. I am a welder at my day job and I have always wished upon a star that we would get some thick drop off of some decent grade steel (that I could sweet talk the boss out of) and just build my own for next to nothing. Well today my wish came true, I was given 4 24" diameter circles 3/4" thick of 1045 carbon steel (not the best grade but better than nothing). I am wanting to basically cut out pieces and stack them all together to form an anvil. I
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