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  1. In order to get the best out of IFI, I always suggest reading this. READ THIS FIRST

  2. To upload pictures, you have to reduce the size (resize) or it will get a message upload failed. What are you using to try & upload them a computer? In my case a windows desk top, I right click on the picture & click edit which brings up paint, click on resize and take it from 100 to 50 and save as with a -1at the end of the end of the name. Sorry I can't help with the ID without several pictures and knowing where in the world you are located.
  3. Welcome to IFI, we won't remember your location once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show it. I hope the biopsy comes out clean and you get many years use from that hammer. I mounted my Star hammer on a large diameter oak stump buried in the dirt floor about 3 feet deep surrounded with reinforced concrete 4 inches thick. It lasted about 10 years before the bugs/rot ate the stump, which I dug out and filled the hole with more reinforced concrete & J bolts to hold the base down. You can see the base in the second picture on the right of the anvil & pulley I made. There is only about 600 pounds of concrete in the new base and it has been solid for the last 15 years. In case you haven't read about us loving pictures we do, just have to resize them to upload them.
  4. Welcome aboard, the best thing about blacksmithing is there is no "right way" to do things. Some ways are easier than others but you will find six smith's may do the same thing in different ways and have ten answers to the same question. Don't be shy when asking questions just try to do some research first. The best way to search IFI is to use your favorite search engine and add site:iforgeiron.com to the search string. The search function on the forum leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Great video about forge welding RR Track steel hardening and tempering. The title is slightly misleading though, I thought it was about Thremite welding. Well worth watching especially if one has some RR Track to play with. I made a pair of power hammer dies from it but never dreamed it could be forged into cutting tools or forge welded into bars etc.
  6. I will ring the anvil in the garden three times to send healing light, comfort, strength for your Mom and Dad and of course you Charles. Also to guide the surgeon and medical staff for a positive outcome.
  7. I sometimes do things the old fashion way because I can, especially when the electricity is out. Do I do it all the time, nope I love modern convenience.
  8. I have seen those air chisels used in muffler shops for cutting off old mufflers & tail pipes. They peal a thin curl of metal.
  9. I figure the next question would be, how much is it worth. To know that we will definitely need to know where in the world you and it are located, along with pictures from every angle including the bottom of the base.
  10. The HF anvils are made from cast iron in China, without a hardened face. They are only good for the lightest work and damage easily, so I never recommend them. We love to divulge secrets.
  11. Welcome aboard. Knowing where in the world you are will help. Without pictures we don't know any more than you do.
  12. I don't think the larger holes in the blade will weaken it because the leaf spring is wider and thicker than the original, which was a buggy spring (I think). I think Ike was the one who came up with that design, although other smith's probably used it, just like today.
  13. Do you want to change the motors speed from 2800 to 50 rpm or the device speed it's running to 50rpm? I don't think you can slow down the motor that much. If you want to slow down what it's running, like Steve said smaller pulley on the motor and larger pulley on the device. BTW welcome aboard, did you read the thread you are asking about, it pretty much explains all the ways to reduce the motor and driven speed.
  14. Don't know if y'all remember the Ozark hoe, I copied from an original Ike Doss hoe. I gifted it to a friend back in Aug. 2017. He loved it and used it often until the bolts that hold the blade broke. Yesterday I repaired it for him. The first bolts were 5/16 in. threaded rod forged and the holes drilled. I made the new bolts from 1/2 in. threaded rod and hot punched the holes. Lets see if he can break these. Of course like most Cop's I know, they can break an anvil in a sandbox and if you give them two steel ball bearings, lock them in a sealed room within a half hour they would break one and lose the other.
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