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  1. After carrying about 900 pounds of steel last Saturday, I was done in. We painted the trim on Thursday & Friday. Monday Debi had a dentist appointment in Rogers about 60 miles away. On the way home, she called me to say the 2003 Vibe had stopped moving like the transmission wouldn't go into gear, around half way home. Time to call a wrecker to go get her and tow it to a local transmission shop. I met them there and the wrecker driver started the car and backed it off the wrecker, she said it drove up on the wrecker too????. Found out the Vibe has something called "limp-mode" which allows the car to be driven at a reduced speed (30mph) to get it off the road or to a repair shop all you have to do is shut the engine down and re-start it. Haven't heard from the shop yet as to what's wrong. Today we started painting the west side of the shop/garage, got about 3/4 of it finished, before it got too hot to continue, gonna look great when it's all done.
  2. If you know some blackpowder muzzle loaders, that would make a good patch knife with an antler handle.
  3. That's good news, still sending prayers.
  4. Allrighty then, all my kinfolk in the area are no longer with us, so no family feud's. Could that be a Nerf ball?
  5. Good way to get some working tongs. My only thing is on the grip area of the reigns, I like mine octagon or round because the sharp edges hurt my tender hands. I usually knock off the edges at heat but have been known to use a file too.
  6. To upload pictures they have to be resized. There are several threads about that in Feedback & Support. This is but one.
  7. I have seen that forge in an old Sears & Roebuck catalog. MooseRidge hasn't been on the forum since March 2009 so I doubt he will respond. You might want to start a thread in Solid Fuel Forges, with pictures to get more responses. A lot of members do not go to the Gallery. Also to get the best out of the forum I suggest reading the Read This First thread. Btw Welcome aboard.
  8. Mainly a garden hoe, for working the rocky karst ground of the Ozarks. Much lighter than a pic-axe. Also the point is great for chopping out those stubborn rooted weeds.
  9. I made this RR spike cross by splitting the upright then forging down the crosses to go in the split and forge welded them together. The copper wire wrap is so it could be hung on a wall or in the cedar stand.
  10. Welcome to the insanity. We love pictures, just have to resize them smaller to get them to upload. You will find that the forum is made up of a staggering amount of sections and topics. Just to let you know the search function of the forum leaves a lot to be desired. I suggest using your favorite search engine and adding (site:iforgeiron.com) without the brackets at the end of the string. That will return more relevant hits. So grab a sandwich and cold drink and dig in. PS: looks like a moderator moved your thread so you will get more replies.
  11. Usually happens to me every time, especially with my most used hammers. Most of the time mine are a little too thick so some sanding & trying makes them better. Is the new handle the same length? That also makes a difference in the balance. I like the blankie on the anvil.
  12. You can use BBQ briquettes however they are not the best for heating steel. They contain a lot of fillers/binders and other stuff. The best commercial charcoal for forging is hardwood lump charcoal mostly available everywhere in the same place the briquets are. You guys type faster than I, beat me to it.
  13. This thread has dropped down about 3 pages in everything else. My old Jeep would need a vacation to make a trip like that at 45 mph top speed.
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