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  1. Great article thank you for the link.
  2. Welcome from the Ozark mountains. We have several members in your location, which by the way we won't remember once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to add it in your profile. That is a very nice artifact and having the history on it is icing on the cake so to speak.
  3. A great anvil indeed especially with the family history. Please do not do any grinding, milling or welding on it's hardened face. She is ready to continue working for more generations, just as is. The picture of the old blacksmith shop is just super. I love old pictures and we love pictures of just about anything that would pass a G rating.
  4. We won't remember that once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show a general location. You might be surprised how many members are close enough to visit and lend a hand.
  5. I had to look up Quokka and you have captured the essence of that happy little guy. Wish we had them over here in the states "Worlds happiest animal".
  6. Wow, I have too much time on my hands. Seeing as the Blacksmith Kit items listed from the Sears & Roebuck catalog are new @$45.00. I looked at a couple of web sites and came up with this comparable U.S. price for new stuff. There were prices both higher and lower so I took middle of the road price. Emerson anvil 100 pound $880.00 $ 34.95 shipping Coal forge $1747.00 $34.95 shipping Hammers (comparable) $165.00 & $64.00 Leg vise $365.00 $34.95 shipping 2 tongs $41.95 @ $83.90 2 nippers$52.95@ $105.90 2 anvil hardy tools $60.00@ $120.00 Tap & Die set $89.99 Apron $11.99 Post drill $219.68 Total $3852.46 Shipping $104.85 Couldn't find a new price on the post drill. According to the inflation calculator a $7.95 post drill in the catalog would run $219.68 today. Which would bring the price to $3852.46
  7. Of course we will expect some pictures of it in action.
  8. I would also have to say the third from bottom, picture of the pig face (?) is giving the evil eye.
  9. I had a sign from Lion Country Safari which read "Trespasser's will be eaten", on our driveway entrance. Someone stole it.
  10. I haven't made any knives lately but the last one I made a long time ago is the D-guard Bowie on the right in this picture.
  11. He could stand flat footed and put his head inside an open car door window, which he loved doing.
  12. The only theft deterrent we had was Doolittle our LGD Great Pyrenees Komondor cross, who watched over the place and wouldn't let anyone out of the vehicle until we told him OK. Late one night a guy who I really thought was up to no good, was being chased around his truck, screaming he's trying to kill me. He claimed to be lost and wanted directions. After he passed over the Rainbow Bridge, some miscreant did steal our $800 dollar 12 foot chainsaw limb trimmer, that we had under the Jeep port. Now we have motion detector lights and game cameras set up and everything under lock & key.
  13. Welcome aboard Luke from the Ozark Mountains. Have you heard of the (BOA) Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas, which has a central chapter in your neck of the woods? Sadly covid has wrecked havoc on our NW chapter meetings and such. Our website lost the webmaster, who kept it updated, but here is a link to it anyway. Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas | Dedicated to the Preservation of Metalsmithing
  14. Knowing where in the world you are located may help with the ID.
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