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  1. Looks very good to me, I would have done the same thing, grab it before someone else does. Now I hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened face. A wire brush on an angle grinder is OK, to take off the rust and a coating of BLO or paste wax will keep it from rusting and retain the nice patina.
  2. Welcome from the Ozark mountains. We won't remember your location once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to put it in your profile.
  3. When it comes to hammers. That depends on how they are to be used. For hammers that are to be hitting struck tools (top tools, chisels, punches, etc. You want a softer hammer than the tools struck, so not high carbon. For hammers used to hit hot steel on the anvil, I like 4130. It hardens reasonably well and tempers to a range of colors. Of course one can always use wrought iron and forge weld a steel face on.
  4. Welcome aboard Jeff, seems to me several have tried that and it didn't make any difference in performance. There isn't much sound from the intake, the roar is from the flame.
  5. The little dragon weather vane. He has a glass globe in his hands and the staff he rotates on is tapered to a point and the tube welded to the aarow slips over it, only needs an occasional drop of oil to keep him spinning free. The pendulum hasn't had any trouble handling the wind here and we have had gusts up to 70 mph. The last storm we had a couple of weeks ago the pendulum rocked away with the wind all day long. It takes about a 20 mph wind to get it rocking on it's own. The axle is mounted about an inch above the balance point. About the only thing it will do is the axle may wa
  6. I'll have to take some close ups of the cross. My wife did a full scale drawing of what she wanted and we had a local stone co. make it for us. It's three pieces base, center upright and top circle. In the mean time here is a couple of pictures & video of the pendulum. My wife took a class from Victoria Patti and that is what she made. VID_153081106_214736_903.mp4 There are no bearings for the axle (close up) and it will rock for about five minuets.
  7. Don't know how I missed this. A weather vane needs to be away from any walls which will block the wind for the most part. A way to get around that would be to make a bracket from under the eave and a post extending up taller than the peak of the roof, or mount it on a post far enough away from anything that will block the direction of the wind. It's kinda hard to see our dragon weather vane to the left of the pendulum in the garden.
  8. What I find condescending is when someone wants me to do their homework, without putting any effort into doing their own research.
  9. Not necessarily. This is one of the best systems I have ever seen.
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