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  1. +1 for a bar of soap. Worked like a charm- plus it smells like mint now.
  2. I do turn it off between uses. The motor pulley is maybe 4" so I'm guessing that's the culprit. The problem is that if I go much tighter it begins to engage the drive wheel, like you mentioned. Honestly I wouldn't mind the tacky belt and pulley if I knew it wasn't harming the belt and it wasn't so obnoxious to be standing next to it while its running.
  3. Interesting. Sounds like maybe I need a different material then. Thanks.
  4. I didn't put anything on the belt. But there's something getting tacky that that's in the belt there's between the layers. It's a seamless belt from baltimore belting. It seems to be working beautifully otherwise- even with using the smaller motor pulley. I did clean everything- got it all nice and clean with acetone, but slowly the problem developed again. I did put a new rubber brake on it, which stops the whole system on a dime. Maybe it's these braking moments that is causing something...? Is is bad to have the mechanisms stopping too quickly? Not adhesive really- whatever is
  5. There's plenty of traction. If anything I need less traction. It's actually running really responsively. The belt adhesive is warming up I think and being deposited on the drive wheel- coating it and making it really grippy. When I scrub it off it is quiet and runs great still, but slowly the adhesive comes off again and the cycle continues. I'm not sure if the motor pulley is what's heating up the belt.
  6. Hey folks, My seamless drive belt on a Bradley is squealing when put under tension. It seems the glue is slowly coming off and adhering to the drive wheel making it sticky. Anyone else experience this or have thoughts? is it too loose? Thanks,
  7. Thank you. So if I switched 1 and 2, for example, 7 & 2 would be a pair and 8 and 1 would be a pair, right?
  8. If I wanted to switch the direction of this motor running on 230, which wires would I switch?
  9. Thanks, I'll connect the three all together then.
  10. Hi folks, I'm wondering if on this wiring diagram the wires 4-5-6 in series on the low voltage size can all be connected together using a twist on wire connector or if they need to be connected in a series (4 is not directly connected to 6, but through 5)? Thanks,
  11. Ok, that's a helpful way to think about it. I guess it would depend a lot on the overall draw before the box was put in to the system. Thanks,
  12. I'm wondering how a temporary increase volume affects the draw on a coal forge chimney: A 10" diameter round chimney that goes into a box measuring 14"x"14"x12.5" and then leaving as a 10" round again. Will this a affect the overall draft?
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