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  1. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    One dog I'd never ever trust!

    Just watching that video gave me vertigo.
  2. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Hello from a flyover state!

    Welcome from a southern neighbor. There is a smaller blacksmith group near you. We have been to some of their hammer-in's and they are a great bunch of folks. A couple live in Ozark. They have a facebook page Blacksmith Friends of Newtonia if you do facebook.
  3. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Propane tank forge design REV 0

    Don't know about casting bricks, but you can get K26 bricks in different sizes off eBay for reasonable cost.
  4. Irondragon Forge & Clay


    Where in the world is it located?
  5. Irondragon Forge & Clay


  6. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    3/4" burner seems way too big!

    Have you seen this thread?
  7. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    New guy - building a forge

    Welcome to IFI... I suggest reading this thread and starting a new one for your build.
  8. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    DFPROF2 + 1D 2 no reading on regulator

    Shouldn't have to wait any length of time. Just crack the tank valve and slowly increase the pressure on the gauge. If that doesn't work you may have a faulty regulator.
  9. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Newby from Leeds, UK.

    Welcome Simon... There's a little pyromania in all of us.
  10. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    The Vise to end all Vices.

    Have you read this thread yet?
  11. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Help identify anvil marked JAH

    Where in the world is it located? Can't help with the anvil but it looks like a good one.
  12. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What is it?

    That would be my guess also, some sort of pruning tool.
  13. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What scrap metal should I lookout for.

    The aluminum pole won't make a tuyere for a side draft forge. It's too light and will melt right away.
  14. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    DFPROF2 + 1D 2 no reading on regulator

    Hi Luis, welcome to IFI. I always suggest this thread to get the best out of the forum. Your location will help with answers because different parts of the world need different answers.