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  1. Car hoods make good awnings over shop doors too. One of our club members has one at his forge and it's so cool. He just fabricated brackets to hold it up.
  2. It would be great if you could get a small quantity of the Kalakast to try it. That way you may get something, that no one has ever tried or heard of. Also we love it when someone is the guinea pig and a plan comes together.
  3. Yes that is the site for his burners.
  4. Yep a 3/8 x 3/8 black iron tee is available according to Lowe's site.
  5. Looking at the SDS for Kastolite 30 and this Kalakast. the ingredients are not the same so unless someone has tried it can't say. I would send them a request.
  6. There should be a date of mfg and/or date of last hydrostatic test (pressure test) near the valve/collar. If the test is out of date you will probably need to have them tested before a supplier will fill them. If I remember correctly tanks of 100 pounds or smaller the test expiration is 12 years from mfg date and if they have another test date it's good for 5 years. I have seen folks repaint old out dated tanks to sell them.
  7. My wife says, if it has more legs than a dog, its my job to get rid of it and she's not afraid of much.
  8. Your Columbian is in very good shape, so no grinding, milling or welding is needed. Trying to "repair/restore old anvils without the equipment and knowledge does more harm than good. A tip, if you lift the anvil from its stand and place a bead of calking compound around the perimeter of the base, it will reduce the ringing considerably. I have both of my ring prone anvils set like that and they are just a quiet as my Vulcan. I must say ya done very good.
  9. Welcome aboard... Your English is very good so no need to apologize. If I remember we have several members who are in Slovenia and may be close enough to you to visit. My mothers parents emigrated from Slovenia to the USA in the early 1900s and she was born in this country. It's a shame that all of our family records from there were destroyed during WWll so its not possible for me to trace ancestry from there.
  10. Welcome aboard... If you have done any reading here, you probably have seen the we love pictures posts. That's true we do just be sure to resize them because large pictures are bandwidth/data hogs and we have members world wide some who have to rely on dial up internet and/or pay extra for data.
  11. At least our powers that be have reversed the do not wear masks when in public policy. That was the stupidest decision in my humble opinion. Other countries encouraged the wearing of masks and have flattened the curve and the excuse of masks are in short supply was just stupid because most folks I know had already made effective masks but were told not to wear them.
  12. Welcome aboard... I'm sure Frosty will be along shortly with the answer, in the meantime I suggest reading this. READ THIS FIRST It will help you get the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location plus many other tips, some will help in staying off the moderators radar.
  13. Welcome aboard Baconchsbrgr... Have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST It will help in getting the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location and may help in staying off the moderators radar.
  14. Welcome aboard Jellobomber, I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location and many other tips.