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  1. Refractory cement for a propane body forge

    I wouldn't use "refractory cement" in your forge. You should be able to get the proper supplies from Wayne. As far as getting the middle hollow, take a look at this thread.
  2. Gas Ignition Inside the Body/Tube

    Hi Chad and welcome to the forum. I can't give you any advice on Mickey's burner (never having built one) but if you edit your profile to add your general location, you may be surprised how many members are within visiting distance. Who knows one of them may have burner building experience and some answers are location dependent. With the burner I used a back burn was happening and it turned out to be a bad seal at the replaceable orifice threads.
  3. Peter Wright Anvils

    mmmmmmm maybe...
  4. What should i be paying for a London pattern anvil?

    The TV show Forged in Fire has driven the market upwards for anvils. Bargains can still be found but one has to be patient to find them. I just purchased a nice 106 lb Hay-Budden blacksmith anvil for $200 ($1.89 per pound) but passed on at least a half dozen due to condition or price. Take a look at the improvised anvils thread. There is a post about a 110 lb hunk of steel that I bought for $35 that will do as much work as the Hay-Budden for 31 cents per pound because I made a bick for it.
  5. Rivetless Scroll Tongs

    Interesting concept, bet it would work for others as well. Another why didn't I think of that moment.
  6. Are Rotors ok to use in a forge

    Yes, rotors have been used for fire pots on many home built forges. A 10 inch forge will limit you on what you can heat in it though, you might want to look at the 55 forge thread. BTW: Welcome to IFI, if you will put your location in your profile you may be surprised how many of the gang are near you and a lot of answers are location dependent.
  7. Watch your step...

    My wife has been threatening to wrap me in bubble wrap for years.
  8. Watch your step...

    Yesterday while taking pictures at the back of our truck for it followed me home. I wasn't paying attention to where my feet were. I basically fell off of the edge of our pad and took a fall, like stepping in a hole. I found out I don't bounce like I used to. Luck was with me because I didn't break anything and the camera survived but I feel like I've gone a couple of rounds with Joe Lewis. So whatever you are doing WATCH YOUR STEP>>>>
  9. What is a good size for a small hobby shop?

    My one and only smithy is 10 feet by 30, 300 sq feet. The floor is dirt formerly a rabbit barn with crushed lime stone in front of the forge, anvils and vise. It is attached to our garage which is 30X30 feet and has power equipment in it, bench grinders, 2X36 inch belt grinder, 2 belt sanders small metal lathe, wood lathe, drill press, 3 kilns, work bench with machinist vise. We use about half the space for my coal forge, power hammer, two anvils, post vise, post drill and air compressor. The rest is taken up with stuff that I don't want to get wet. I'm slowly moving stuff out to expand (never have enough space). We recently added a 10X10 crushed lime stone pad outside the door for our propane forge with a post vise and improvised anvil, no roof or walls.
  10. Safety Question...

    Welcome to IFI, if you will put your location in your profile you may be surprised how many of the gang are near you and some questions are location dependent. A picture of your forge set up may help in coming up with a solution and we always love to see pictures.
  11. New trenton anvil

    Welcome to the forum Lorne, if you go to your profile and edit it to show your location, you may be surprised how many of the gang are close to you and a lot of answers are location dependent. You have a very nice Trenton, any idea on the weight? She is ready to go to work and hot steel will have her face shining in short order. I'm sure you have already heard about absolutely no grinding on the face, which would ruin it.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    You might consider making a stand like the anvil is on, that way you could raise it up a bit and be able to move it around the shop.
  13. It followed me home

    Our weekly trip to the trash transfer station was a bust as far as stock, but someone threw a Porter Cable air compressor (which looks new) in the bin, it followed us home. It appears to work although the gauges don't register any pressure but for free what the heck and I'll tinker with it. Now for the best thanks to TPAAAT when we stopped at a big yard sale. The sale was by a friend of mine and after looking around I found a Colt Army 1917 model revolver that I would have loved to add to my collection but it was too rich for my budget. I asked Bulldog if he had any blacksmith tools or anvils and he said as a matter of fact I do and pointed to the back of his garage. Well it turned out to be a Hay-Budden 106 pound anvil in good shape (not abused) and at his asking price of $200 ($1.89 a pound) I couldn't pass it up. He threw in the jack-hammer bit and 4 ft 1 inch round bar with the deal. It is serial number A7264. I think it was made 1919-1920 range. It passed the ball bearing rebound test at 80-85% over the whole face and the ring was consistent over the whole face too. The edges are rounded by honest work but are not bad and the face is flat. I'll take some more pictures and post them in the Hay-Budden thread after I get it cleaned up a bit. Can't wait to get her mounted and shine up the face with hot steel. Then on the way home we stopped at a large Flea Market / scrap yard where we picked up a like new 6 inch K-T Industrial Tools bench grinder on a home made stand for $35, It's a 1/2 hp which runs fine, along with the wood ammo box and ball pien hammer. My wife had somewhere to go so she wouldn't let me scrounge through the scrap yard.
  14. Leg Vise Mount Advice Needed

    Coat it with BLO (boiled linseed oil) that will protect it from rusting. Your mount should work fine. Regular machine oil on the thrust washers and screw.
  15. General help on a brick forge/ needing info

    There is no reason in the world for a blacksmith to know about casting...none. You would be well ahead to forget about casting and concentrate on heating metal and forging it.