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  1. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    So I moved my forge out of the ground

    I picked up a big old purse at St. Vincent de Paul for $1.50 once. Made a pair of moccasins out of it and wore them out up to the ankles over the years.
  2. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Building my first forge, from a grill (Variation JABOD)

    Disconnect and remove everything from the propane grill (hose & regulator, burner) you basically want to start with the empty box. The tuyere pipe should be black pipe with about a 3/4-1 inch ID. Using charcoal you don't need a clinker breaker and the fire pot can be adjusted to suit your work. A hair dryer will put out too much air for charcoal so you will need to find a way to bleed off air. There are many ideas here in the solid fuel section. The easiest is to not hook up the hair dryer but point it at the open tuyere pipe then just move the air blast away from the opening to get the blast you need. This thread by Ohio is made out of a BBQ and it's pretty good.
  3. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    What weird animals have been in your shop

    Just so you don't miss the Ozarks Thomas. Yesterday morning 0600 hrs it was 30° F and raining, the temp was falling rain turned to freezing rain, sleet then snow. Temp wound up to 18°F this morning with 5-10mph breeze. It's a lovely day in the Ozarks. At least the ground was warm enough the roads were OK.
  4. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Help Anvil Identification

    Welcome to IFI Dave, Have you read this yet? It will help you get the best out of the forum. I've dodged a few anvils in my day but never an Acme as nice as yours. Hope you have read about not doing any grinding, welding or milling on the hardened face. Hammering hot steel on it will make it shine.
  5. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    My first set

    Not so, there are new folks who come to the forum with no experience or anyone to guide them. They see something and think that's the way to do it (forge in flip flops). Yes you forging in flip flops only affects you unless you lead someone else down a dangerous path. As you might have figured out we stress safety. If I see something anyone is doing that is unsafe, I will point it out.
  6. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    First gas forge build

    You might have your "expert" read this thread. BTW... you have built a very good looking forge in my opinion. Have you had it running yet? Which burners did you use?
  7. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Confused about Rigidize

    I spray on the rigidizer using an old cleaner spray bottle with a couple of drops of food coloring in it so I can see the coverage I have. You will notice if you ask ten smiths a question you are likely to get nineteen different answers.
  8. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Show me things that move

    Here is a pendulum that my wife made. It will rock back & forth for about ten minutes.
  9. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    So I moved my forge out of the ground

    That'll work, or if you know someone who does leather work or can put your hands on an old leather purse to cut up you're in business. I made a pair out of deer skin a hunter friend gave me.
  10. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    So I moved my forge out of the ground

    Pretty easy to make up a pair of tie on spats for foot protection over your sneakers.
  11. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    My first set

    CO does not cause cancer, in concentration it causes death. Just because something is inherently dangerous is no reason to tempt fate and not wear proper protection or at the very least use some common sense.
  12. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Steel and concrete anvil stand

    Didn't you see the one on page 5?
  13. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Armistice Day

    The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
  14. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Desire to learn Blacksmithing, based out of SC

    No but you can yell at them when you see someone doing something really stupid. Have you seen this?
  15. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Buying my son a forge

    I would look into the Chile forges.