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  1. Welcome to the forum. None of us will remember where you are located ten minutes from now. You can go to your profile and add your location and may be surprised how many of the IFI gang are close to you. If you read the forges 101 and burners 101 threads you might decide to build your own. I did (although I had a kiln burner) and everyone here was a tremendous help. Good luck on your quest.
  2. I really like it. Have used it several times at BOA meetings. The retro fit fire pot raises the fire enough so longer stock can be used. I love history and enjoy using things that Smith's before us used. Somehow I feel a connection to them when using old equipment.
  3. Interesting I like it... never thought of doing it that way, good job, now I need to use your idea.
  4. Here ya go Frosty, someone suggested putting an LED light on it.
  5. You can get 2-tank hook-up kits at Amazon and Walmart too.
  6. That is done all the time on campers. There is a 2-tank hook up kit that you can buy. Zoller forge has a simple manifold kit.
  7. I bought my 2X36 multi grinder like LBS 2X48 from Trick Tools. It works well and the price is right but has limitations. For serious knife grinding I would go with a 2X72 with extra wheels & accessories.
  8. I would cut the hole the firepot sits in bringing it down level with the table and cut the cutouts down to the level of the table. Five inches of coal under the work is not excessive.
  9. "Can you help me with my forage".
  10. I agree and this thread probably should be moved into the Everything Else section.
  11. If you go to your profile and add your general location, we could supply more specific answers.
  12. From what I see in the pictures there are no sharp edges to those chips, just decades of honest work. Unless I saw something in person to contradict that the only thing I would put on that beauty is hot steel/iron. Not arguing just my opinion on what I see.
  13. Welcome and I'm sure you have already read about no grinding on your new to you anvil. If you go to your profile and add your general location you might be surprised how many members are close by.
  14. Weekly trip to the trash compactor and 7 rail sections and some barrel hoops came home.
  15. Go to profile then at the top right corner edit profile button, should take ya there.