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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Not me, but my wife. She made a Smithing Magician over the past several days. All I got to do was help tweak the clearance a little. We picked up ten foot of mild steel 3 inch X 3/4 inch for her to make a bunch of dies.
  2. Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    When in doubt, do not over complicate simple. ~Glenn
  3. Huge Vise #10

    Welcome to IFI, I always suggest reading this thread to get the best out of the forum. Fisher is the only maker of chain vises that I know of (could be wrong though).
  4. Forge Value (Auction Upcoming)

    If it has the tuyere and blower it would be worth considerably more than $75. Missing those then that would be about all I would pay for it. I have seen those pack forges go for $500 U.S. complete.
  5. Designs for Railroad Track Anvils

    We won't remember this, that's why it is suggested to edit your profile to show your location.
  6. Show me your anvil stands

    A better hold down would be a small cable with a turn buckle to replace the frapping.
  7. Wall anchor or washer

    Welcome to IFI, We won't remember that once we leave this thread. To get the best out of the forum, I always recommend this thread.
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Not in the shop, but to the shop. A couple of days ago I noticed a garage door spring on the floor and thought my wife had picked it up on one of her "junking trips". Today I went to open the main garage door (for ventilation) which the smithy is attached to and it jammed on the way up. I then realized the spring was off the door and had the ring on one end snapped off. Broke out the O/A torch and used scroll tongs to reform a hook on the spring to reattach it. Door working fine now. (sorry no pictures)
  9. Butte Montana Anvil

    Welcome... looks like a nice Trenton to me too. How are the rebound and ring? The way to get the best out of the forum is to read through this thread.
  10. Help please

    Welcome to IFI, I suggest reading this thread. can see Scouts Axe in the first picture posted.
  11. U.S. Army (Cavalry) pack forge

    WWI is as close as I was able to get. I suggest reading this thread to get the best out of the forum. BTW: Welcome and would love to see some pictures of your forge.
  12. Just before I build my first forge, I need to make sure I have this right

    So where in the world are you located?
  13. Help Identify This Fisher

    Now I suggest reading this thread.
  14. U.S. Army (Cavalry) pack forge

    My forge dates to WWI around 1914-1918 or a little later. I have seen several documented for that time period. link removed scroll down to find it pictured.
  15. Found my first anvil?

    Yep, a good lesson in upsetting the ends, another thing would be to cut off that angle iron mount and forge a proper one along with the spring.