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  1. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Show me your anvil

    Make it fancy.
  2. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Is this a decent anvil?

    We won't remember that after leaving this thread and the U.S.A. is a big place. Anvil prices vary from different areas of the country and even the states. I always suggest reading this thread.
  3. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    It followed me home

    That book has some outstanding illustrations, could keep a person busy for a lifetime.
  4. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Hi new member from Twin Cities, MN

    Welcome to IFI... Hope you get in the class, best way to learn is hands on. Plenty of help here too.
  5. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Oxy Acetylene regulators

    Make sure it's ok with your neighbor to replace them. My Craftsman regulators are at least 30 years old and look it, but I would be upset if someone replaced them with inferior ones. Also just because they look a little rough (beat up) doesn't mean they need replacing. Like others have said only replace them with top of the line and they will last for decades. I wouldn't recommend Craftsman today because they don't make them like they used to.
  6. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    sculpture or trash?

    I would go metal detecting, looking for more pieces from that bridge, so many ideas pop into my head.
  7. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Open air burners vs gas forge burners

    I would think a small ribbon burner would work best. It would need finite fuel & air controls like needle valve & air choke.
  8. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Need to know best U.S made propane forge companies

    Welcome to IFI... I suggest reading this thread to get the best out of the forum. Then jump through a lot of the threads here to get a better idea about propane forges and don't get rid of your coal forge. For a lot of projects we have to use both forges on any given project.
  9. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    T Burner Illustrated Directions

    Welcome to IFI... I suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. We won't remember your location after leaving this thread. There is a thread called OZ Roll Call a lot of "Down Under smiths here.
  10. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Old military forge questions

    Looks like it was made to sit on the dirt fill to give a deeper fire without a lot of dirt.
  11. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Tong obsession

    Pizza with Canadian bacon, mushrooms & black olives...mmm... my favorite and introduced to me by a Canadian friend and the last living Light House Keeper in the USCG.
  12. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Old military forge questions

    I think the folding hood may be a retro fire pot (not original) and the bracket was missing on mine so I'm not sure but probably held the blower down when packed or maybe an entrenching tool (shovel).
  13. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Anvil ID please

    To start make round stock square then octagon & back to round, tapers and make s hooks. Just get used to how metal moves.
  14. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    Show me your Fire Dragons

    You can't train a Dragon, they're just magic. Here is one that appeared while my wife was at the forge in our last BOA meeting.
  15. Irondragon Forge & Clay

    First forge - a couple of questions

    I thought I was wrong once, however my wife corrected me.