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  1. Replaced by A.I. ?

    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.
  2. How Much Per Hour!! (What is you shop rate)..

    I have a sign in the shop... Shop rate $25 an hour If you watch $40 an hour If you help $75 an hour
  3. Frosty's under the Weather

    @Frosty Get well soon... tolling the anvil and sending healing light your way.
  4. Little giant issues

    Don't know if it will help on your 100 pounder but the New England Blacksmiths have a page on setting up the 25 pound hammer.
  5. New England Blacksmiths swage block polished and ready for use.

    They haven't up dated the web site, when I looked yesterday it said out of stock.
  6. Building a New forge

    Welcome to IFI. Looks like you are "on your way" can't tell how hot it is from the picture or how long it was running. You might want to read through this thread to get the best from the forum.
  7. Help to ID this anvil

    Welcome to IFI Matt. To get the best out of the forum I suggest you read this thread. Can't really help with the value without more info like the location and lots more pictures.
  8. Shop apron

    Mine comes from HF welders apron, works and I can replace it ten times for the price of a custom made one.
  9. Hi there from IA

    Welcome to the forum from a southern neighbor.
  10. Instead of glitter, use "clue spray" visible under black light. We solved many burglaries/thefts with it.
  11. Prayers needed for Dad please

    Tolling the anvil and sending healing light.
  12. Bellows Installed

    Great restoration, I would love to have a bellows like that but don't have the room. sigh
  13. Swage Block design

    You really want it to be useful in today's world. This one is about all that's needed.
  14. Swage Block design

    Welcome to IFI... if you haven't read this thread I suggest it to get the best from the forum. To answer your questions we pretty much need to know how large a swage block you are wanting.
  15. Coke cost vs worth

    $25 a bag for lump charcoal is pretty steep. If you have a Home Depot near you their Royal Oak is $12.97 a bag Walmart has it for $13 a 20 lb bag. I found it for $6.00 a bag on sale and bought all my store had.