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  1. I can almost assure you that the Mouse Hole will outlast you and I combined. Pictures... we love pictures,.
  2. Spark testing still will not tell you what type of steel beyond carbon content. Found that out the hard way. Scroll up one post...
  3. The search function on the forum lacks a lot. The best way to search is put iforgeiron in quotes like this "iforgeiron" then your search on Google. You will be surprised the number of threads that come up. Another thing that may surprise you is if you put your location in your profile, there may be quite a few Smiths that are within visiting distance to you. With Damascus the etching is usually done after shaping/machining.
  4. Doubt you will find dryer hose that small. Just cut up a coffee can, wrap it around overlapping it and secure with radiator hose clamps, call it good.
  5. Mystery steel… gotta love it. Today I decided to make a “hoop” to hang a very large caldron. I had a half circle ½ inch round bar that would fit the bill so I began drawing out the ends and putting hooks on them. I finished the first one and quenched it in water so I could work on the other. While drawing the second end a piece of the first snapped off. I thought ok high carbon spring steel that doesn’t like water quench. I reformed the end and let both cool in air. I then began to heat the center with both ends up, planing to swage a hump for the chain and when the metal got to orange heat it fell apart. A spark test showed it is high carbon steel and it has a very fine grain and rings like a bell. Any ideas? Never had metal just fall apart while heating it.
  6. Do a Google search like this "iforgeiron"jhm anvil plenty to read about.
  7. That anvil is in almost pristine condition, not beat up at all.
  8. I had a Mark V back in the day. Primarily a woodworking tool but the sander and drill press would come in handy in metal work. Wish I still had mine it was built like a tank if I recall.
  9. Make sure you check the fan blades on the impeller. I had one that two of the blades were missing and the impeller was out of balance. Easy to rivet on new blades copied from the existing ones. The other identical blower had one piece blades with a lot of crud on them, a good cleaning solved the out of balance problem. Another thing I noticed on my blowers is which direction they like to be turned. One runs smooth turning it clockwise but chatters when turned counter clockwise the other is the exact opposite running smooth when turned counterclockwise. I figure that after decades of use the gears get a set depending on the rotation the blower was used.
  10. That's a shield to keep trash out of the motor.
  11. Wait... I resemble that remark.
  12. Depending on how tall you are but 31 to 34 inches seem to be the standard. I like mine to be waist high.
  13. No it was a used old outdated tank, that had the valve removed and flushed with water and bleach. No residue at all, not even a smell or woof when cut.
  14. If you were in Miami Florida and said that the police would be knocking on your door, looking for your stash of coke.
  15. Great find and chain because one can never have enough chain.