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  1. Definitely, we wanted to have more small stuff but have been too busy with commission work for a few bigger clients and didn't get to it. We did sell some of the plant hangers and a few of the cattail sets though.
  2. The video did seem to help in explaining my process when I had someone serious in the booth but i don't think it brought anyone in. Here are a few photos of my booth and new chair design. Thanks!
  3. The plan is to have it on a repeating loop with no way for them to interact with it. I thought about doing something more complicated like adding a signup form for my constant contact email list but I'm thinking I'd better go stupid simple the first time around.
  4. Yeah, good point. I'll try to keep them to around 30 seconds or so, should be able to get a few clips out of this long one. I've got links to the full videos on my website so they can go there if they want more.
  5. I'm going to be showing my work at Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI this weekend (13th-14th) and am thinking about setting up my iPad on a table with a loop of videos showing what actually goes into this stuff and pictures of other work. Do you think this would be beneficial or not? Here's a video I had made this afternoon. Also shows my forge and trip hammer setup. Thanks!
  6. Check out my wine rack design. Sold a few already so seems to be a winner.
  7. I use an automotive semi-gloss clear coat.
  8. I just had the opportunity to show my work at Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend. It was a good time and I sold plenty though I was told my prices are a bit low. Here are a few of my new designs and a booth picture.
  9. Moving my equipment into another building.
  10. The head is just hammered out sheet metal and welded to the body. The backing piece is nice stone that was left over from the building. The ducks are life sized. I've been thinking about making a life sized eagle but that'd be a lot of work and I'd want to have a buyer lined up.
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