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  1. I'm off to a start on my Freon tank forge build. I'm using Wayne Coes design for the build. I have everything cut and put together as far as I'm able before the refractory and sealer stuff get here. I ordered materials from Wayne as has all the materials available at a reasonable price. He is also very helpful answering questions. I'm anxious to get it made to see how it works. I'll post some pics of it later.
  2. Thanks guys. I will take your advise.
  3. I would imagine this has been asked so many times but I'm not seeing my questions I need answered. I am contemplating building a small gas forge and have a Freon tank as my shell. I have made a 3/4" burner using 1 1/4" to 3/4" reducer as my inlet end and a 1" to 3/4" reducer as my nozzle . In testing it throws a nice flame. What should I line this tank with that will stand up for some time? I have made some liquid glass and sand mixture for refectory in a char coal burner, would this work? I see some use the wool stuff but I have no experience with it. How thick would I have to line this thing? I have watched some YouTube videos for ideas for the outside design but the inside I'm at a standstill. Thank you Guys
  4. I'm contemplating a power hammer build and have an idea for one that will occupy a small space. My question or thought is, how big of a hammer is minimal for a unit that relies on gravity? What weight would one need to equal the power of a hand held hammer beating on an anvil? The addition of some springs would increase the power but by itself. for a hobby type set up, to ease the torcher on ones arm, what would be minimum?
  5. I started the new forge up with some charcoal today. I wanted to see how it went. I had a pair of nippers I wanted to try fashion into tongs so I gave it a go. OH MY GOSH how fun it is to hammer that red iron. It's like beating hard clay into shapes. It feels so soft till the heat goes out. I'm loven it. Here's a couple pics. The tongs just got a start and I need to review videos.
  6. I have some things yet to put on mine but it's operational if I wished.
  7. The blower was on E-bay for $72 free ship. I say cheap cause its made in China and sheet metal casing but has steel gears and cast casing. It works really nice.
  8. I should have mentioned that the table was upside down. Here's a pic with more of it together. I'm impressed with that cheap blower. It works great. I need to get some angle iron and make my hood, next.
  9. Here's a couple pics of my start on the new forge. I was in to Home Depot and got the makings for the tuyere and blower attachment. I'm lamenting on the stand that shows bellow the tray in the pic. If I should put heavier legs on this or use the stand. It's not heavy duty but rolls around nice. I guess I can see and change later. The tray is 24"x30" with 3" sides. I think I will make a hood over the firepot end to gather smoke up and away. I'm putting some time into this so it will look good and be functional for quite some time.
  10. 90% of my family lives up there so I need to go see them anyway. I have a new granddaughter up there, I haven't met yet.
  11. I was working on my forge rebuild and got a call from my brother-in-law asking if I needed a blower for the forge. He said he had one I could have. It's a Western Chief and in working order. Sounds like it's a big thing and from pics on the internet it was mounted to a stand. I'm excited to get it. I have to travel to Northern MN to pick it up. 8 hour drive.
  12. This will be a bottom blast. I just have lots of enjoyment building. I get teased all the time that I never use what I build. Oh keeps me out of the bars. LOL
  13. I decided that I was not content with the forge I built and the durability of it was questionable. I started getting materials to do a better long lasting job of it. Before I venture into making the tuyere I should get a suggestion as to the size I should go with, using a hand crank blower. I'm thinking 1 1/2" for the sake that less effort is needed to get good pressure. I will be using charcoal only for fuel. This will be a tinkering around forge and not production of any kind.
  14. I just picked up a bucket of R R Spikes at a crossing that was taken out last fall. The R.R is abandoned and they bpiled up the scrap on the side. There are many more that I left because of my carry capacity. Are these spike a hot item? I'm not sure what I will do with them but I see lots of projects with them.
  15. Are these kind of a piece of junk?