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  1. Has anyone ever worked in a plastic shed before? Thoughts on it? I worked in ne for a good while and have since upgraded to the steel shed adjacent to the plastic. From constantly welding and grinding to forging and forge-welding and everything else that goes on, the only problem I ever had was if I dropped a piece of steel that was hot the floor would begin melting... but other than that, she worked like a charm!
  2. Good choice, I worked in shops with dirt and gravel floor in phoenix and still do to some extent and from what I've seen, concrete is the best for us out here. You don't have to worry about water coming in, which as I'm sure you're aware of is a big deal during a monsoon being that the ground hardly absorbs anything, you don't have to worry about critters *scorpions, snakes and squirrels mainly* tunneling under you and popping up, and it is better as far as insulation is concerned. A dirt or gravel floor out here just sucks cold air from buildings like its nothing. Sounds like the shop will be great!
  3. Mild steel, A36, rebar, spring steel, files, rasps, stakes, tie rods, old worn out wrenches, old worn out hammer heads, rail road spikes, old dull drill bits that are beyond sharpening, broken punches and chisels, car axles, pretty much any piece of steel as long as it is NOT GALVANIZED!!! I repeat NOT GALVANIZED!!! And it is obtained legally. I wish you the best!
  4. Go onto youtube and a boy named Paul krzysz made an anvilout of stock similar in size to them. The video is called something like how to make an anvil, very informative and very detailed.
  5. I've seen them elsewhere but I can't for the life of me remember where.They make a pre made hardy hole that drops into a predrilled hole. So, you'll drill say an inch wide hole so you can drop in an inch wide piece of steel with a square hardy hole in the middle. Ad ten you just tack the "insert" onto your piece of rr track. I remember them being around 45 dollars.
  6. Is it just the way the picture was taken, or was the eye for the handle a little crooked? Other than that, magnificent job! ~Travis
  7. Unless you use the hot cut an incredible amount and hit it very hard, I can't foresee any major problems. Though it may be in your best interest to upset it down so that it will fit properly.
  8. OUCH!!! That honestly sounds like something I'd do... :unsure:
  9. For me forging in the "winter" is a dream! Being that it average like, 105 in the summer here. When the temperatures drop into the 40's You'll all know exactly where to find me!
  10. While waiting for stock to heat up, I took and threw my tongs in the air having them do a 360. It was all good until one decided to do a 180, and land the business end of the tongs in my palm... :( I learned a few things that day, 1) 360s are for drum sticks and water bottles, 2) ALWAYS quench your tongs after use.
  11. What about a load of ball bearings? Would those work or would they be too heavy?
  12. Maybe draww them into two long pices, then twist them together at the head. Then forge the other end of the pieces into a slingshot. Just a thought. ~Travis
  13. I always used a mixture of newspaper, pieces of scrap wood, charcoal and of course, a quick shot or three of lighter fluid. :D
  14. These are some GREAT suggestions guys, I really do appreciate them all! I have a few a ideas now that range from leaf-keychains to full blown car detailing! I may need to pick up a partner in crime for though. And we digress, you guys haven't got an idea how much it means to me that you were willing to help me out here, as always Thanks-a-million!
  15. So I'm at the point in my life were, I want things, things cost money, money that I dont have. So I would like to call upon you guys' wisdom and knowlegde for this. What did you do at my age for some extra cash? (I'm 14) I would shovel snow but, ya' know how the desert is, cutting grass is a dilema as well, not to many people have grass that needs to be cut here. But, any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated! ~Travis
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