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  1. It wrought iron from a wagon wheel . The pattern is the etched wrought and has a wood grain pattern in it.
  2. Cool, i have been looking into buying a press . Would love to make one just don't have the welding tools or skills to do it. Yours looks very nice from the video.
  3. That's nice . How much time and money do you have in it ?
  4. Gehljoe


    other side
  5. Gehljoe


    more inside
  6. Gehljoe


  7. Gehljoe


    Front of my shop i built this summer. I though best to wait and built when it was over 100 outside.
  8. There was one in Bridgeton but as soon as i got there after spending hours in Mansfield it stated to pour so i couldn't stay. Didnt have any good blacksmith find in all those booths :(
  9. What companies were producing anvils around 1970 that painted there anvils blue. Been talking to a guy that says he has an anvil 250 lbs that he bought in 1970 with blue paint still from factory anyone know anything.not got to see it yet says still brand new
  10. Hey im going to the Parke County covered Bridge Festival Indiana and was woundering if there will be anyone setting up shop there in any of the towns. If so ill stop by to check them out.
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