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  1. My wife tells me I am always wrong. Seems to be a common condition between the sexes!!!! Or am I wrong on this too?!?!?!
  2. the heat should not be a problem. fumes on the other hand!!!! as long as the forge is not right against the sheet metal it should be ok. The heat may discolor the outside of the the sheet metal where it is painted if you build it close but you could put in a sheet metal air gaped inside wall to mitigate the issue.
  3. oroshigane is also a grater used in the kitchen! just an fyi!! hehehe for very small melts such as for rings and necklaces you can use an old microwave oven. there are several sites that discuss using this method and have some good info. Just as a note microwave ovens are basically an uncoupled induction furnace. If you preheat pyrex class to get a spot at red heat, pop it into the microwave, you can continue to add energy to the spot and melt the glass.
  4. knew it swelled some but have never tried it in a large batch... thanks for the info!!!!!
  5. jwms

    Support my leg vise

    now I have an idea on how to mount my vise so it is movable. Thanks for the post!!! Love the internet. Here are people from all over the world - literally - sharing questions and ideas and making new friends!!!
  6. jwms

    Post vise rebuild.

    got mine from Tacoma Screw. 1" acme, 5 tpi 1 ' long and 2 nuts, less than $40.00 plan on making the box from black pipe and the end a small ( motorcycle) ball hitch. handle will be a 2" trailer ball. 1 1/8th" id spherical washer on the handle end for the thrust washer.
  7. jwms


    the PAC NW area around Seattle is poor for these as well. $350-400 seems to be the range if "local". got on for just over $200 plus shipping that needed a spring and screw and nut. All easy to do so got it. I AM VERY PLEASED!!!!! 5" Colombian? dropped forged, manufacturer didn't even clean the arc splatter from the welding so assume Depression era. Will do a thread here when done with pics to help anybody thinking of fixing one up.
  8. HammerHeart, any idea who makes your vise? Just got on exactly like it almost 2 weeks ago and have been working on restoring it.
  9. David, love the corbels. I need 12 and will make them look as close as I can to those you made. Hope you don't mind because they are for my own use.
  10. pretty cool though. will keep it in the back of my mind. for tires i use my farm jack and the door to my shop. set the jack on the tire, length of 4x4 up to the door jamb and all set.
  11. another note. Acme screw stock locally costs just under $19 per foot in 1" dia. 5tpi. nuts run under $9 for one 1.5" long. picked it up at a place called Tacoma Screw here locally. plan to look up repair here in the forum but thinking of a trailer hitch ball for the handle and a really small one for the finial on the box.
  12. My local city maintenance shop kind of laughed at me when I asked. They said I could own one but needed to keep the bill of sale from a supplier! EXPENSIVE was something else they mentioned. Thermite is not an explosive but if confined the heated air can generated tremendous amounts of pressure. How about the split round stock idea but weld it to some angle iron for a drop in? Thanks to Frosty for the spelling of 'idiots'. I use idjits all the time but never did learn how to spell it. Hated English when I was in school!
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