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  1. Alright Frosty if you think I'm making excuses go ahead and be done, that goes for anyone else as well, I can tell where I'm not wanted. Just know you know nothing of where I am in life, so next time you accuse someone of making excuses maybe get your facts straight first.
  2. Well Latticino I am on a tight budget the way I see it, if I take everybody's advise I'm gonna be in hole the and out of propane before this forge is done. I bought the regulator so if nothing else I can maybe wait till I get a job and pick this up at a later date, building everything from scratch from it and my anvil. Man I wish I could use charcoal it's so much simpler.
  3. Do you mean this thing that at least to me looks nothing at all like my burner?
  4. Irondragon ForgeClay Works, makes sense.
  5. Larricino, this is the first I have seen you. I don't know if you read this entire post or not but I know nothing of burners (still working on learning more). So what is a gas crossmember and air inlet? I will say the pictures I took do look quite different than they do in real life however.
  6. Ok so what would you call kast o lite other than castable refractory cement? I looked up HVAC supply Cheyenne Wyoming and got places like Marvs heating and plumbing, who usually don't sell parts to people, or when they do they charge twice what the big box stores do. The biggest issue I run into is going to, let's say Menards, they almost never have exactly what I'm looking for. So for example when I made my charcoal forge I was looking for a 1" diameter steel pipe. The smallest thing they had was a 2 foot long pipe nipple, So i bought It, cut it with my angle grinder and taped it to a hair
  7. That is supposed to say nipple pipes yes
  8. Yes I read it, do you mean pricing for shipping? The next part is irrelevant if you say yes. I assume you need to pay with card and need to be 18, meaning I would need to convince my mother sign up and put in an order, meaning once she places the order (if I can even convince her to buy off of this kind of website) there is no cancelling if shipping is to high. Also high temp tools seems to be cheaper, and is defiantly more likely for me to be able to convince my mom to buy from since it is a dedicated buying website for blacksmiths supplies.
  9. Where are you getting these numbers from exactly? Last time i bought 1" inch steel pipe (outer diameter) the cheapest you could get it was $12, granted you got 2 feet of it but still. What i will tell you is for the forge and railroad track I paid $50, that was at the time cheaper than buying, and about the same price as making a burner given the resources I had. Admittedly I did not check high temp tools for ceramic fiber insulation, thinking they would be similar in price to ebay or amazon, but i see now they are much cheaper but what about rigidizer? From what I have always heard you need t
  10. My forge without insulation is well over 000 cubic inches, but with 2 inches of insulation it's a touch over 680 cubic inches. How exactly would you reduce the volume besides adding a bunch of insulation? My main concern with the using such thin metal is the weight of the cement and metal i put into it collapsing it. (planning on possibly using just castable cement for insulation due to durability and being potentially cheaper than ceramic fiber).
  11. So I was reading through the gas forge forms and made a discovery, the chamber on my forge is to big for a single burner. So I'm going to have to make a new one. I have made a charcoal forge before or of a metal bucket, but I was wondering if I can go with even thinner metal, say a steel popcorn tin or planters nut can?
  12. I thought I would ask since I need to plan trips to these places strategically (hoping that will stop within the next year).
  13. Sadly funds are an issue, I can cut the pipe length no problem but building a new burner is likely out of the question, and buying a drill press defiantly is. Right now I'm working on the cheapest way to effectively insulate the forge, and remove the current lining. As you saw the burner home straight into the tank, will a regulator with a hose hook onto the burner? Also what about the ones without hoses?
  14. I missed the part where you said you needed the regulator to find out if you needed to replace the burner. It still doesn't. It does not have one yet because of this. I should elaborate on the regulator then, if I go on eBay because that's my only way to get a high pressure regulator and purchase one rated for propane doesn't matter brands or anything it should work right? Hey Frazer why don't you give me this book, maybe I can find a answer to all of the "things I should know but was never taught*
  15. Here is a video of the burner running in lower light conditions VID_20200901_150339747.mp4
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