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  1. I haven't done anything blacksmith related in a month now, the weather outside isn't agreeing with me much, getting so this time of year that it's dark when I goto work, then dark again when I go outside the door and head home. Winter is no time for an outdoor forge. Definitely motivated to get working on the shed next summer. Working on my 2x72 grinder build instead.
  2. Yes it's a finnish made welder and I am in Finland. Kemppi is relatively common in europe and this machine uses euro plug torches so I can buy those from almost anywhere in europe. I'm not that worried about support when I buy a welder, I personally think it's most important that it's technology is primitive enough that I can repair it myself if something breaks. That usually means simple enough control boards, transformer and rectifier based switching rather than inverter based. This welder is probably the last one by Kemppi before the tech becomes too digital, I wouldn't have boug
  3. It's not 100% done deal yet, but this might be following me home come Friday, a mig welder, 250A model:
  4. If you mean what I said about tool steel I meant I should probably make a rivet set from tool steel rather than mild steel so it'l hold up to shape all those rivets. Been meaning to get myself to some auto mechanics and see if they want to give some old car springs away.
  5. Thanks, and that's true but I resorted to an M8 bolt as a last minute solution because I found I lacked suitable round stock to make a rivet. I do have a lot of bolts, hence the idea of maybe using them in the future, turning would also remove the zinc, the metal was easy to shape. Making a rivet set is also a project on the list, but I figured it's better to make from tool steel and my material stock is mainy mild steel or cast steel and junk.
  6. I fully aware of the dangers of burning zinc fumes, comes with welding territory to be aware of that. Which is why I burned it off in the forge first when it was safely away from me and the noxious fumes were carried off by the chimney and wind. I actually mentioned that part in order to show I did it safely and didn't just use a galvanized bolt straight off and exposed myself to zinc fumes.
  7. Been using the forge for a while now. I think the main weakness is the small size of the pipe and not getting enough air. Sometimes it's like it's enough, the time before the last I got a good fire going and it got to forge welding temp by misstake. But last time I had issues the whole time with the forge and getting it hot enough. No difference in setup, I clean out the pit every time and sort out the coke and only reuse the stuff that looks good. I think it's very sensitive to how the coals are lying, which is a radom factor. I am eyeing this massive 2" pipe I have with a 1" hole.
  8. Finally got the tongs done, not that happy with them but I guess the first pair are never gonna be the best: The rivet is an M8 bolt, all I had, shoulda been a bit longer. I had it in the forge to burn of the zinc coating first. I think I could turn some nice rivet blanks on the lathe from bigger M10 bolts in the future, turn off the threads and turn the bolt head round. Also found some spring steel (a whole bunch, 8mm ish) and I made a chisel and punch from it. On to the next pair of toongs soon, perhaps some hooks in between. For the next pair I will use thicker
  9. That looks like the usual "Fältässja" one sees around here now and then. A friend of mine has a similar model (pictured) but his firepot is place in the center as far as I can see,
  10. Attempting my first pair of tongs, had a brain xxxx when doing the twisting but I think I can make something usable from these.
  11. I really like the design, it's similar to what I drew up in CAD though mine is for using coke or coal. I'm working with a JABOD and as you say it's annoying when the firepit looses it's cohesion and has to be reshaped. I did it last night again, I only get to forge one day a week though so it's not that big a deal. Maybe next year I will have enough experience to know what size firepot I want and I can weld one up. I was considering water cooling behind the plate as well.
  12. I have to say I am not finding a lot of clinker after forging, less than a fist full after a 4 hour session, I went through the fuel after it had cooled down and picked out the clinker and put the coal back in the bucket I fed the fire from, overall level in the bucket didn't shrink that much, seems I am not going through it very fast. I assume this coke is very clean stuff too given how little clinker it seems to produce. I have been doing some fire management errors though I realize , such as disturbing the fire too much, I watched this video and got some helpful hints, next time I won'
  13. New fan setup for the forge, no hoses to add resistance, works a lot better
  14. Painted my anvil stand to protect the metal, I also charred the wood while I was at it, then rubbed it down with BLO. I wasn't too careful with the paint so I slathered it over the anvil base and also on the end grain..
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