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  1. I can't wait to try out those bad boys with some of these goodies we brought home . Expect a package in the mail.
  2. Hmm.. That's odd, next time were out I'll have her teach ya how to forge weld
  3. NickOHH

    Box tongs

    Could always forge weld the reigns on then ya don't need to worry about the legnth. sorry for hijacking your thread JJ
  4. Wow frosty musta taken you quite a few years of rubbing to get all the pores in your fingernails full of aluminum to get em there!!
  5. NickOHH

    Box tongs

    How is it to small? Ya can only work a small area at a time. Very clean looking tongs, good work!!
  6. I wouldn't worry about welding the crack inside the eye but from the outside, aim for as much penetration as I can fill in the chip and then redress it. Your gonna need to take care not to get to much heat traveling down to the bit or your gonna have to re heat treat it , but shouldn't be to much trouble. That's just my 2 cents .
  7. And cover up that beautiful paint job!!!
  8. Ya forgot to paint the base, not nearly purple enough.
  9. Hi like that stand may have to steel that idea if I can round up some old rods from work, think we still got best internals from an old mopar 318.
  10. Must be poorly heat treated or not at all maybe because all my experience with JD blades at work are they aren't to good, don't maintain an edge and bend if ya look at em wrong, again could just not be treated.? I keep all our spent scag blades, those suckers are TOUGH and hold an sharp edge twice as long as anything else we've tried over the last 15 but I haven't been able to find out a composition had luck so far with oil though.
  11. Take awhile if I start now! Were still in michigan of IDE already have em broken in
  12. I think that was supposed to read non valuable . That was a good story, sometimes you just need a good laugh.
  13. Can't wait to try em out, I'll have to unburry the forge from under a couple feet of snow first but that won't stop me .
  14. All depends what you have avalible in your part of the world. Propane, coal, coke, charcoal, wood, corn cobs, all is suitable some burn faster than others but will all work to make blades, but if ya can't get coal (preferably bituminous , anthricite is a pain IMO) don't build a coal forge . Same for any of em... Grab a cold drink and start reading in the forges section and see what may work with what you have avalible you have a lot of options.
  15. Ugh... I'm gonna have to dig out the backyard this week once we get home from michigan. Got to many goodies out here to not be able to fire it up.
  16. Heh we lightened up his pile a bit he's being forgivin!!
  17. While visiting Richard up in Traverse City , we were graciously gifted a hammers he made, can't wait to get back to forging and try em out. The diagonal is about 2# and the strait peen is about 2.5 of damascus no patern just layers but when I get home I'm gonna re polish it up and give it a fresh etch. Thanks again Richard!!
  18. Heh heh, yup your addicted, just like the rest of us ! I got some things in the gallery somewhere, but I'm still figuring this stuff out to but you have stumbled into a great resource, would still be trying to figure out which end to hold if it weren't for this group of cranky old curmudgeons!! now get that forge built and get swingin! Look up the 55 forge blueprints .
  19. Dang man, you guys never cease to amaze me.
  20. Not a bad looking blade, MUCH better than my first blade.
  21. There ya go, looks like they the edges are rounded nicely, should work just fine! Now try it out , see how ya like it and report back
  22. Looks to me like you could round over the edges a bit more to smooth out the transition almost like it has just a tiny bit of some to it but not nearly as much as a rounding hammer or anything like that but rounded corners more than just a bevel.
  23. We were waiting for ya to stop by !!
  24. We had a great time thanks for having us Richard. I know I learned a thing or 10. Well have Marcy forging that 4140 "wire" before ya know it!! Oh yea and to bring up a a truck and trailer next time . Marcy slacked and didn't get to many pics, got to side tracked , like being a kid in a candy shop! Keep an eye on the mail