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  1. JJordan

    Box tongs

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  2. JJordan

    Box tongs

    While working on another project, I thought I would stretch my skills a little and make a set of box tongs from scratch. These are 3/4 box tongs made from 16 inches (8 inch each side) of 3/4 by 3/8 flat stock, now that I have them the next sets will go faster. I learned a lot making them.
  3. I am in between projects so I thought I would make a knife. I do not make many but I like to stay in shape and keep the skills up.
  4. it is a vampire squid, I swear I saw it on national geographic, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vampire_squid
  5. I do not make many knives; sorry to say I prefer hardware more bang for the shoulder pain. I built this knife over last winter and never got the chance to post it. I had seen quite a few knives made from files and from another smith I got the Idea to use a rasp for the guard. The blade is ten inches with a six inch handle an old file for the blade with a full tang. A rasp guard and brass pinned walnut for the handle. The design is of the old rifleman’s /trade knives that came out of Europe(this was a French style). It was all done with a forge and hand files, no machines. This was done in case I sell to one of the local buck skinners; they want it authentic. It has a rust blued finish that has been hand rubbed to a satin shine. The small one is a matching skinner/patch knife. I wish I was a better photographer. So have a look tell me what you think.
  6. could it be used to lap weld wagon wheels, the blocks to hold it aligned and the angle to hold it off the anvil until your ready to strike.
  7. The top is a basket made from 3/4 flat stock, the body is a piece of square tube riveted to the base, and the base and decretive scrolls are 2 inch flat stock. I will post some close ups.
  8. Love the feed back and thanks on the how to's, i created a matching fork to go with the spoon and i hope to get a good price for the matching pair
  9. I created this lamp and I thought I would put it out there to get some feedback. The whole thing is riveted. As always love the responses and thanks in advanced.
  10. So this is my first spoon. All advice on form and function is welcome. I am looking for some feedback also on what to tell someone if they wish to use it as it was intended to . Basically how would a someone care for it in their home. how to prevent rust and the sort. if it was a show piece then I would recommend the usually like bees wax etc... But for a spoon what would you do? I know there are food grade oils for cutting boards and counter tops, would these work on bare steel? any Feedback would be good. thanks in advance. Would like t thank crossed heart forge for the idea I tried t make it my own.
  11. Sorry duh, it is a ten inch trivet at $15.00 each (she ordered 3) so i gave her a volume discount. The screen is 32 by 24 at it came in at $50.00. It is 1/4 (at 32 cents a foot) stock so materials was low, most of the money covered man-hours at about $10 per hour. Many have told me that the screen could have easily gone for $150 I am still in the development stages of my work so i price accordingly. I think in a year or two i would feel comfortable pricing in that range. also they have allready asked for more work and recomend me to others who want more work, so i think the lower price will pay off in the long run. thanks for the feed back please keep it comeing.
  12. Here are some of my latest projects, i have been around on the forum for a couple of years now and i am slowly making my way into the world of making money off of my work. Both of these were done for a customer and she was happy so i am happy. i would have liked to do collars on the screen but they wanted it welded so it got welded. So i am looking for some feed back. The wife/ accountant say’s I am way underpricing. So a independent evaluation would be nice. I am able to figure the materials and man-hours; it’s the skill/art factor that is not being included. Also I got the Idea for the trivet off of the forum; don’t remember where but thanks for the design. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have been developing software for ten years and blacksmithing for about the same amount of time. When it came time to get a website up and running, I did what every good blacksmith has been doing for thousands of years I bartered for it. Swapped a couple hooks, repair to saddle stand and a promise of future work. I don't mind coding, it pays the bills but I would rather be out in the shop. a cheap web developer is a dime a dozen and can do a better job. shop around you might find some one to trade
  14. i had suspected that it might be a leather press there was quit a bit of tack and leather working tools also at this auction.
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