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  1. timM

    Cast Iron Post Vise?

    First I would like to say "Thanks" for all the reply's. A recent search referencing "Peter Wright's Solid Screw Box Patent" came away with a online book printed in 1853 titled "Official catalogue of the New-York exhibition of the industry of all nations" within it mentioned Peter Wrights solid screw box ......... What that means, I'm not sure (smile) guess at least anyone able to use his patent or willing to infringe was using a solid box by that point in time. I am going to spend some time looking at reproduced advertisements n see if there any dots to connect. Cheers, tim .
  2. timM

    Cast Iron Post Vise?

    Does anyone have clear knowledge on the use of cast iron in the construction of these vises? I am trying to determine if there was an era where forged components gave way to cast components / construction? I would be pleased to hear any comments that may help piece together something of an evolution of the construction material used to make these sturdy vises. Regards, tim
  3. Thank you for the welcome SoCal Dave!
  4. Greetings from Carpinteria, I have been a lurker for a while..... busy soaking up some really great reading. In my quest to heat n beat, I have collected a vintage 150# anvil and just brought home a small forge....... a old, unused and complete Buffalo Forge. This forge was probably was one of their most basic offerings... but its mine! My forging hopes are to build iron furniture and mountings for Southern Kentucky rifles, and of course to also feed my life long passion with knives. Done lots of reading and this weekend I light a fire! Cheers, timM