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  1. Oh! it took me forever to see the 0 till after you said that. I thought those were all just dings but now I definitely see the 0 thanks!
  2. That makes sense, Thanks for the correction of the term I used, I'm not too good with them just yet and Also thank you all for the info and help I'm not going to do any grinding on the edges of the Anvil and leave them as is. As for the Weight I don't really know for sure I have a cheap 55 pound Anvil as well and this one feels around double It's weight so if I had to guess Maybe 90 to 100 or so, I did research on the numbers on some Anvils but with this one as you can see it's very faded except for I think a 1 and possibly a 7
  3. Alright That's Awesome! This is why I always ask questions first, I did test it some with a steel ball before I bought it. Has a nice solid ring to it and a good rebound too. The low spot on the face was all I was concerned about fixing if that was even necessary
  4. There we go, fixed all the images if more are needed just let me know
  5. Alright, give me a little bit to resize the pics and I'll post them. That's also the reason I want to ask before I even attempt to do any repairs myself, who better to Answer than someone more experienced right?
  6. Hello, I just got an Anvil it looks pretty old and has seen a good amount of use, as it doesn't have very much in the way of markings. With what's legible me and a friend can only assume it says William. The LIAM is still visible there along with what looks like 1833 underneath it, on the other side looks like a 7 but it's very hard to tell. Any help is appreciated and as it does have some wear if anyone has tips or advice on how to repair it or if I should use as is that'd be wonderful too I'm also having trouble uploading pictures, is there some way to fix that so I can help with pictur
  7. Hello, I'm fairly new to blacksmithing and I'm looking to buy a real anvil, though i live in Connecticut and haven't been able to find any within driving distance. I've searched online and found some promising looking anvils but I'm not sure which would be better. The first is a Bulgarian style anvil from oldworldanvils for $775 it's made of high carbon manganese steel and it's 110lbs. The second is a JHM AB Legend 120lbs for $655.40 from anvilbrand. it's made of ductile iron. The reason I'm so conflicted between them is that I don't know which material would be best i intend to make weapons l
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