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  1. praying for you and speedy recovery.... !
  2. Jerry you are in my prayers. God was with you. get well soon. chainsaw
  3. I used to work in a steel mill. caught my overalls on fire cutting a large ingot with a torch, It happened so quick I didn't even feel it until my clothes were very well ignited , luckily it was in a cooling yard with lots of water puddles which I rolled in. Six months in hospital 3 skin grafts. Still feel it and that was in the early 70's. Real bad memory be careful folks.
  4. I'm not sure who the bigger genius actually is, Ludvig or the guy with the torch. fantastic
  5. chainsaw

    Word Game

    and you'll smell like a couple of old RUGS pulled from the bottom of a stagnant old TANK
  6. Well friends I thought I should give a little update on the results of Ashley's brain tumor surgery. She had to go back in for a second round of surgery.. 5 hours worth and she came out just fine. They have her on a whole parade of drugs and she went from a bright shining light to a fragile candle in about 30 days. BUT your prayers have worked and gotten us this far, they have meant SO MUCH to our family that I wanted to say thankyou unknown blacksmith friends for your SINCERE humanity, prayers and kindness.. Thanks so much.. Fondest regards to all who took the time to write..Chain
  7. mark try punching nostrels in wizard really looks good that way regards smokey

  8. Book two is coming. I catch glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel - but only glimpses. I reckon I'm at 75%. I've been at this thing for nigh on 7 weeks solidly..... No-one will be happier than I to see it published. Trust that things are well on your end Cheers, Mark

  9. hey mark what up.. smokey here, just reading your book this AM sure is a handy reference, making a sundial and thought I'd use a wizard for the pointer ( the wizard hat actually) just about to go out and forge one of those eye socket punches. take care and look forward to 2nd edition.. somkey

  10. Happy Birthday Richard, and may your hammer never fail you.
  11. after using all kinds of firetools around the coal forge, I found a small pointed concrete trowel is really a great tool for maintaining your fire. Doesn't look quite as good as a pineapple twist fire rake with a dragon head on the end , but it sure is a handy tool.
  12. I bought a couple of canvas carpenter's nail "aprons" ( not sure what you really call them) and I roll my files up in them. Portable, cheap ( about 2 bucks each) and keeps my good files from touching each other.
  13. 1) Have one good laugh every day 2) Enjoy lots of music every day especially in the shop 3) Figure out how to actually forge weld together the female joint on a set of dividers without burning them up in the process 4) lLearn to chisel and chase