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  1. kayakersteve i arc welded it together and we cut so many bottles with no problem
  2. Thank you Iron Dwarf If somebody will ask im the men in first picture hold a this sword in one hand was a difficult task
  3. Thanks for you opinion frosty i will put some pictures after its will be done wait a 2 weeks 16 november will be our show day at school and thanks for your support Sorry for my bad english i still learning
  4. Hello there se have small problem we have a school project we are making soo big sword like a 140 cm long bleade and about 50 cm long handle or longer its forged from truck spring its oil quenching steel we have everithing but not that big forge where we can heat this long blade and my question its quenching quench or not somebody told me no somebody yes but is soo hard to do it what is your reasson for this topic every opinion i accept
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