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  1. wind wind wind. I use bark for forge fuel only, there are the days when I need to use a tiger torch to get my forge going
  2. Yeah Yeah sure, mine might something like 100-150 pounds, its in quite decent condition I think, and its quiet.
  3. well the clay stayed on during heat treating but.. the blade warped i tried fixing it and, snap.. but I managed to take a piece of the blade a make decent sized combat knife out of it.
  4. Well I got his fisher anvil which is from 1892, and it was given to me as a Christmas present, my parents said they got it for 100$ anyone else got a fisher or are these super rare?
  5. I was trying my best to find out what type of tool steel it was but it was from a huge crow bar.
  6. I was wondering, dose anyone have a blue print for a power hammer. Because pretty soon I'm going to start building one. and yes im a 15 year old so heh heh.
  7. Hey guys, I'm a 15 year old who loves to build knives and my newest project is building a Katana like machete. The steel that Im using is tool steel, and I was wondering. Im using the classic clay + charcoal mix for the hamon clay and would I still to be able to polish the machete with jewelers Rouge? without killing the hamon lines after the quench and temper. Il will post pictures before the quench. And whats are the steps of making a hamon line? and idk if this matters but, I use bark for my forge fuel if this matters.
  8. No not painting, I was thinking of heat bluing but would that screw up the temper or is their a dye that is good for metal?
  9. I was wondering would it be possible to add some type of blue/purple color to a karambit blade I'm making. I have this great plan to make all of the knives from the game cs:go
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