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  1. at least you aren't Canadian a syrup-less Canadian is probably the biggest oxymoron I have ever heard.
  2. I don't know about the cottage cheese but my mother always said "shut up and eat it" so I will give it a try next time I make pancakes and knives
  3. Im from Langley and im making pancakes, they tasted pretty great, on fire bricks heated by the forge.
  4. I didn't post a picture of it but on the "edge" there is a solid 1/4th of a millimeter of flat metal where the blade should be so it looks like it has a edge until you actually examine it.
  5. Wow that's green alright I thought it had a light tinge to it until I saw the pics
  6. I don't plan on actually putting an edge on it due to its costume purpose just so she will be able to carry it around without any fuss.
  7. Ok, that's really good to know that I wouldn't want it to hurt someone I care about.
  8. LOVE It. I love every aspect of it.
  9. I heated it to a nice Bright orange then quenched the blade before putting the whole knife in swirling gently.
  10. HaHa, I think that might be a bit of a dead leaf or something I don't know. I did use a bench grinder for lack of a better tool but it seems to have done a good job I could have done a better job on my part mostly.
  11. This is the first knife that I am proud to call mine although it is going to be given to my sister as a Christmas present, she said she wanted a "pirate" knife for her renaissance fair costume so this is what I've come up with. It's made from a railroad spike and I did put the bumps in it on purpose no matter how much they irk me to give it that rough look. I also twisted the handle then hammered the sides flat for a handle that feels good in the hand while looking pretty. If you have any thoughts and tips I would love to hear them