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  1. Legal action for what? Calling and having someone do something are 2 different things, and try the pipes anyway, he will enjoy them and perhaps relax a bit
  2. Forward from OnR Brother... Danny was my brother and I read all the kind words that the members wrote. I also saw Glen set up a membership for Danny’s wife, Eileen, for her to receive messages. Eileen passed away this past February. I thought you might want to know.
  3. Nice thing about the navy, by time you leave, you will be real good with a mop; and Marines everywhere will thank you for the ride
  4. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/30841-knife-class-log-107-sharpening/
  5. I didnt even mention the leiderhosen or hawiian shirt
  6. you will understand if you meet him
  7. even hobbits wearing felt hats with antlers
  8. I am still waiting for his first real post, has nothing to do with any hammer in and so far it makes no sense
  9. My sister Tammy is now at peace today, there is no more pain, she would have been 55 on May 25
  10. I had an O1 dagger shatter after taking a phone call shortly after hardening, I only salvaged a boot knife from it
  11. lots of red clay around here, many years past was the Black Swamp before they pierced the bedrock
  12. new code is two 8ft rods in many places, due do ground soil resistance
  13. Nickel silver and copper would have a higher contrast, but use what you wish
  14. I have been using Roach Proof as my source of boric acid for years
  15. https://www.campagnafuneralhomes.com/obituary/stanley-schwartz?fbclid=IwAR3zPEMOkPfvRIN8m4gx9DcJNbPW5cURko9gCTFJ74P4Z2_7nWxniDavaIU
  16. Stan Schwartz took his last breath this afternoon at 2:48 EDT at Hospital in Evansville Indiana, He had a battle with lung cancer and is survived by his wife and children
  17. Latest update, while in hospital they found her gall bladder is enlarged and full of stones, but due to her other issues they cannot operate because she will bleed out, so she is likely to die from that rupturing before the cancer finishes her, they transferred her to hospice and have her drugged up to deal with the pain
  18. My sister Tammy lives near Dallas Tx, She in the hospital. She has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and she was attacked a few days ago, beaten badly and was being strangled when the police arrived. Her attacker is in jail for attempted murder. If she manages to get out of hospital she will go to hospice. She is at the end now. She forgave her attacker.
  19. IFI gets $10 per book sold through the site from me, buying from Amazon or directly from my publisher does not send anything to IFI, and very little to me to be honest. so order from your local Lulu outlet, and send IFI a donation directly, you still save money
  20. I am not a lineman, But there is some over lap with the sub stations and service connections I have worked on, and FYI 120v has an arc flash danger zone of 10 feet, so dont fool yourself
  21. not that hard to make the wrought into blister steel for blades
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