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  1. try starting in the foundry/melting section rather than the photo gallery, I will relocate your post there, also pressure for what Ore you're using will help, hard to answer with out giving us any details
  2. why do you think he doesnt use a hand hammer? I do and my billets are 1 x 1 and 12 to 16 inch long
  3. we still have no clue where in the worlds 160 IFI member country's this is at
  4. What do you mean by it quenches well in water? there isnt much to anneal with mild steel, as by definition, it doesnt harden
  5. sounds like typical staining, FYI your steel wont hold an edge, hardware store metal is mild steel.
  6. could also be D2 or A2 as well
  7. anealing softens the steel, but in the process creates very large grains, after annealing you work the the blade, THEN normalize before hardening
  8. American wire gauge is different than EU stuff also 16 ga is 1 mm2 and is rated for 13 amps in the EU its rated for 10
  9. You were not warned about helping others, you were warned about posting an advertisement for Ameribrade. Do not say you weren't told about the rules, you were told about the rules of posting, and did it anyway. It is not our fault if you refused to read them, even though you signed when you joined that you read them and agreed to follow the rules, the warning was to remind you to not do it again
  10. dropping the blade on the concrete aint the best idea of testing
  11. too bad a certain past memberr isnt still around, he would love this thread, he said he could taste the alloy content of steels lol (his name was left off intentionally)
  12. Watching Animal planet, there is a show called Treehouse Masters, this refers to " Treehouse Z" season 6 ep 4 They have a clueless wonder doing some metal work on the show. After twisting the metal for making his railing, he quenches it in a plastic bucket of water, and explains he is annealing it to make it softer, Where do they find these people? Dont these shows have proof readers for accuracy? or at least hire skilled labor?
  13. what does tempering have to do with it hardening or not?
  14. And gas welding, Its like a cross between braze and TIG without the expensive gear
  15. The seems to have an overly long throat. What did the designer say when you asked them about their design having problems?
  16. where do you get the Ores to smelt? since you are smelting 2 different metals, or did you mean melt?
  17. Since you didnt post your forge question in the forge section, which is subdivided into solid fuel/gas etc sections I have no idea what you are building. Scrolls may not fit a small gas forge. but I figure that may be gas anyway, so I will relocate you post to where it belongs.
  18. every time he lifts that blanket it puts more fibers into the air
  19. you are forgetting its not just operating temps, in his annealing scenario he is also stirring up the fibers, that does not happen in a forge, so I fear you have a very different idea of what is unsafe than most of us
  20. while it slowly kills you? not a good idea to mess with unsealed ceramic wool. Use ashes or vermiculite, its much safer and has been used for years safely
  21. I have no idea, you can weigh on a scale it to find weight, but you didnt give us any info, no photo, not even what country its in
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