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  1. he said he TIG welded up a 2”x2”x4” canoe. how small a forge does he have? thats hammer head size
  2. I have made damascus hammers in my coal forge, its not the coal forges fault, its your technique, keep practicing and rotate more often after it starts getting yellow, and use a hand hamer to set the weld
  3. Dont be so full of yourself, You started by joining a new forum and 2 of your first 3 posts are complaining that we dont do things your way, even after the bad start you havent stopped complaining
  4. also it seems this has nothing to do with foundry's, but gas forges, so I will move this to where it belongs
  5. Making demands of people to keep things to themselves isnt a good way to make friends here, you can turn off the vale for the second burner if you have one, but the foundry may have been designed for 2, and PSI depends on the burner, and how you built your foundry
  6. Ray is our favorite, Have you noticed he has taken a few kids under his wing to mentor? that is so cool of him
  7. so maybe this should be in heat treating and not general smithing convie? I will move the post. I also suggest you read this thread
  8. be aware 9 inches square translates to a max length including tang of about 11 inches on the diagonal, so larger will need other methods, if that is a problem.... I recommend you just pass and send it to me. Where do you want the $200 sent for it?
  9. Of course, because its lame to keep looking for it after you found it (I know because I have done that too)
  10. Arkie is isnt hard to get registered for a tax ID, contact your state dept of revenue list it under DBA your forge name.
  11. Arthur has a match book with a warning written on it about the bar/planet getting blown up, again, I believe it was in Mostly Harmless that he didnt understand at the time, only later did it make sense
  12. not putting in a new battery until after I can get the key to turn off, else it will drain the new one as well
  13. My son tried to start his GMC Envoy a few days ago and the battery is totally dead, then we fond out the locking ignition wont let go of the key now. The question is, Is this 2 problems, or are they connected? the battery being dead not allowing the key to turn to the off position?
  14. I bet you will pay more attention to what is written on the cover of a book of matches in the future
  15. Early muppets from the 1950's https://uproxx.com/viral/jim-henson-wilkins-coffee-ads-video/
  16. the problem of where to get the hydrogen comes up. It isnt easily captured from the air, we get it by splitting the water molecule, and that takes more energy to split than you get by burning (recombining) it
  17. Part of the problem with the other thread is the way the question was asked has an answer that involves politics, and there is no way to explain more with out getting into politics [political content deleted]. Also this question is starting that one back up again, and should have been a PM to Glenn, not a public post
  18. My books University reference Thomas Nizolek said about using 1/4 inch thick sectrions When we forge weld steels together, the carbon content in any layer of steel will equalize with that of the surrounding layers of steel very quickly. In Pennsylvanian, February 2009, Laboratory testing was made on a forge welded billet made from 4 alternating bars of W2 and 203E. This examination was done with an electron microscope. In the four layer sample it is evident, based on the pearlite gradient between the layers, that extensive carbon diffusion occurred after the first weld course. Drawn out and folded, the eight-layer sample showed that the pearlite concentration has almost equalized, however ferrite still decorates the prior-austenitic grain boundaries in the 203E layer. By the time the material has reached 16 layers, the carbon content of the sample appears to be uniform.
  19. since he asked about smelting, I asked what ore he was using. I didnt think it was that difficult of a question to ask
  20. since the OP has returned to IFI a few times since starting this thread, it appears he has no intention of replying to any questions on his own post for what ever reason
  21. there will be little if any differences in carbon content between layers, due to carbon migration, which happens much faster than most smiths think
  22. I dont still have the plans for mine, but I got them from IFI member JeremyK (Jeremy Knipple)
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