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  1. Thank you guy's I think I should clarify the things I'd change was more of how I was. I was 6.2 going in to high school and 6.5 leaving it I believed I had to fit the cookie cutter of if your big and tall you had to be quiet but intimidating to those around you and I didn't have much to say anyway. I never let myself get loose that's where I'd advise young me on. As for the schooling bit I was not overly concerned it's just looking back more options would have been nice.
  2. I'm not sure if I count in this talk since I'm only 23. I'd have to say go for it you can only fail or get rejected and forget everyone else they won't matter in a few years. live the way you decide don't let others decide for you. if I actually saw myself back in high school I'd punch myself in the face then list off all the things wrong with him and ask that girl to dance at grad also go to university or college
  3. Thank you guy for the help I'm going to test the clay mix a couple of different ways to see what one works best for my forge
  4. How thick should I go and what the best ratio of clay to sand
  5. Hi everyone I'm still in the planning stages of set up the forge. I'm thinking of use the sand and clay mix for the base of my 36" fire pit but I'm wondering how it holds up to the weather like rain and snow. Also wondering what type of clay you guys use . I'm going to use a air mattress pump and pipes.
  6. Thanks for all the ideas and information
  7. Hi everyone. I'm hoping for advice on my rr track anvil stand on how to quit it down and how to set up the stand. I have a 6 foot log and I'm thinking of sinking it maybe 2 feet into the mud/clay soil but that's as far as I got. Any help would be appreciated
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