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  1. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    The Tempest in a Teacup?
  2. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    Said JHCC with a Kingly Leer!
  3. Reasonable priced source of Rigidizer

    yu kan tel Frosty's not bene to an aushaus!
  4. Newbie thread.....

    Why is coal the way to go? A whole lot of the pro knifemakers weld in gas forges and I've managed to melt steel in mine accidentally. (generally less problems with the neighbors too) Big difference between hot rolled 1018 and hot rolled D2 (though you probably have A-36...) How big is your burner, how big is your forge and how is it lined? Was the anvil you got the 55# one for around US$65? I just sold a 72# (8"x8"x4") solid chunk of steel to a starting smith for $20 (with a 6 hardy hole chunk of dozer wear plate thrown in) I'm taking a new smith to the scrapyard tomorrow so he can buy his own directly from the source cheaper. BTW: Did you ask at any of the IBA meetings where you could pick up stuff locally? I find that that generally works better than asking the world where to get stuff local to my area. As for tongs, my favorite for knifemaking, a set of short snub nosed shoeing tongs, cost me $1.50 at a fleamarket. In general I buy most any pair at $5 and under and have bought a very nice commercially made large pair for $12 once but that was HIGH DOLLAR for cheap me---shoot i bought a titanium pair of tongs for $10 at Quad-State one year...
  5. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    Shall we mention the redundancy in that Canadian play: The Married Wives of Windsor?
  6. If I had half a brain, I'd be dangerous

    Dunning Kitty for change usually gets you lots of scratches and little change...
  7. Bladesmithing

    Canned Cui is probably available---just not in the USA.
  8. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    I'm more into making and selling sling ammo and hand forged arrowheads, anybody see Rosencrantz around lately?
  9. SOFA Quadstate 22-24 Sept 2017

    GRRRRRRRRR I hope you find so much great stuff at a great price your springs break!
  10. Anvil I.D. For a rookie

    Since you did do a bunch of grinding (and the original state makes me wonder) Was there any steel on the top of the face or is it all cast iron? The sparks would tell. I hope you did not pay top high quality price for it! Also LOCATION! "I have a cheap old car, can you tell me the make" Location would help decide if it was more likely a Trabant or a Pinto
  11. long handrail join

    Can you weld it? A good enough weld will be invisible once dressed and painted.
  12. Kaowool and refractory

    When people get "specific" I just have to ask about calibration. I especially get twitchy when folks start throwing around PSI on their regulators as I know that the cheap gauges on cheap propane set ups are notorious about being off, especially after getting bounced around a bit. They do make it easy to get to a reasonably close previous setting on that particular burner; but not very good comparing different burners. ISO9001 certification was "interesting" as we were a section of Bell Labs producing the software that the 800 number system ran on. We were one of the first software groups to be certified and the auditors had problems as they were used to hardware producing factories. They were scratching their heads on how to judge software releases. I was on the lab team then and they jumped like a chicken on a junebug on things they did understand---like calibration of lab equipment and test tools. What I did learn is that ISO is NOT a quality system in my opinion. It is concerned with things being reproducible not high quality: If your documented customer complaint process was to send thugs with baseball bats to break the knees of the complainer; then ISO was perfectly happy if you could show documentation that all complainers were in wheelchairs due to knee injuries...(Now Deming and Shewhart would argue that having your process under control is the first step to improving the quality of it...) (Malcom Baldrige was more concerned with if you had *good* process rather than just perfect adherence to a possible bad process.)
  13. "MC" RR spikes...

    Notice that their Medium Carbon spikes are 25 points C and their High Carbon Spikes are 30 points C where in the general world 30 points C is the boundary between mild steel and medium carbon steel. (and for people not familiar 100 points == 1% C)
  14. My three basic requirements to teach someone smithing: 1: They have to listen and follow directions. 2: They have to be safe around other people with HOT STEEL. 3: They have to be safe around themselves with HOT STEEL. Failing any of these is an automatic OUT!