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  1. Got some great heat out of it today. Liquified some copper and did some bad forging on my first knife. Should have taken a picture of the "crucible" before i used it but it was an afterthought.
  2. Lol i just meant to move the camera over the top and look down. But i get the gist of it.
  3. Tried that could only do very small amounts. Thought i might be able to contain more heat. And i really wanted to try a canister.
  4. Feeling dumb. Did not think of the easy solution: pull the burners spin forge insert burners
  5. Tried to canister weld some copper. Managed to waste gas,time,and effort. Didnt quite get enough heat i think.
  6. Got it pretty hot today nice high orange steel. I would like to at least be able to surpass liquid copper temperature. Someone had asked why i wanted welding temp and the reason for that is i would like to attempt some canister demascus... Eventually. Should i encase it in bricks and mortar? And yeah if i had to pick one issue it would be the cheap burners.
  7. Frosty i was looking at that one and i was going to ask you for a top down view. Sounds like you guys down use them often. But it also seems like something i should have around.
  8. It is a 1 inch thick ceramic blanket that came with the forge and refractory mix. I was using the back burner because of the way it came built. Sat awkward, Fire pointing at propane, and a valve between burners that only allows either two or the one but not one or the other. Ill get a picture hopefully i make some sort of sense. 300 cu" inside. Definetly some heat going up the burners..
  9. I have a 1" liner. It leaves a space that is 5"h, 5"w, and 10"L. The back end is closed off and ive been running just the back burner with the front one closed off. There are two burners pointing directly down in line. After tuning to the best of my ability i can get nice orange steel but cant reach weld temp. i am unsure what more info is needed. Any tips to boost the heat would be helpful. I tried to put a door on the front but the flames were escaping through the top so i scrapped it. Its a cheap amazon burner, might build scratch but i got some learning to do first.
  10. That makes sense. Thanks bud.
  11. A swage block is basically a multi function jig? Jig meaning object used to do the same thing repeatedly.
  12. Sorry. I have noticed you guys call them the chokes. Those should be pretty much wide open?
  13. I did see that. Propane tank right there and all.
  14. You havent driven me off. I understand, Thanks guys.
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