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  1. Manuel-Pagani

    C° Temp Gauge for shop use?

    Thanks for the info, I been using it and seems to work fine. Is not high-tech but now I have an idea of how much temperature is my forge .
  2. Manuel-Pagani

    C° Temp Gauge for shop use?

    Hello, I found this in the junk yard. Someone already use one of these in a gas forge? It seems to be usefull for tempering using the forge as a oven, What do you think?
  3. Manuel-Pagani

    Guillotine tool assembly - help requested

    I make this for heavy duty use as fullering hammers heads without a striker , just common parts welded togheder, dies are truck springs. I swing a 5 lb sledge on it with no problem. It fits in my striking anvil.
  4. Manuel-Pagani

    My first Japanese style hammer

    I made my wood rasps from these blades, they are usefully tools at knife handle making
  5. Manuel-Pagani

    Burried hammers

    I found this very old two hammers today , some idea for his potential use? I think one is a little set hammer and the other could be a leafing one .
  6. Manuel-Pagani

    My first Japanese style hammer

    This kind of knife y pretty common here they are made whith This is a common knife here, they are made with shear scissors like in the photo, gaucho's and modern people use this for cut horse and sheep hair. It's a simple knife but this blades if are old have one of the best steel I've ever seen.
  7. Manuel-Pagani

    My first Japanese style hammer

    When a I got a little time I will write some i know about it and post some photos
  8. Manuel-Pagani

    My first Japanese style hammer

    I think doesn't matter if the eye is rectangular or oval, the handle fit well in both, I guess it's a design tradition What matter is the hammer shape and the way is used.
  9. Manuel-Pagani

    Check out my amazing beginner blacksmithing skills

    It took to me 3 attempts to make mi first drawknife the first end like yours, the second crack at quenching it an the third is in the photo. if you don`t give up in a few days you will have a lot o shaving coming from it, good luck in the next!
  10. Manuel-Pagani

    bowl turnig gouges

  11. Manuel-Pagani

    bowl turnig gouges

  12. Manuel-Pagani

    bowl turnig gouges

  13. Manuel-Pagani

    Big "paellera" whit top

  14. Manuel-Pagani

    Frying pan

  15. Manuel-Pagani

    Wok whit Oak handle