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  1. Thanks for the comments! today i'm Will make the first test whith sand filling and an electric blower
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of making a side blast forge and i want to share whith you. The design is based on Mark Aspery notes, the Main body is almost complete and now i'm working on the Hand Crank blower, inspired in a antique Buffalo flyweel design. Eveverything is Made of scrap ir recycled parts and materials. My idea is to use this coque forge whithout electricity, it will depend on the eficiency of the blower design, but whit the 60cm cast iron wheel driving a 2cm diámeter blower pulley plus the Crank relation of two turns of the flyweel per Crank i think it Will work.The main air tube is made big for this propouse from a 9cm Pipe narrowed at 2,6cm at the tip of the nozzle. What do you think? This post bring me back ti the forum since a long time, i will apressiate your suggestions and coments, i will go posting the progresess. I read in some other post about filling the botom of the forge whith different materials, i have on hand two: masonry sand or black soil (not a clay type) what did you recomend as a best option? Thanks and have a good forging day every body!
  3. Thanks for the info, I been using it and seems to work fine. Is not high-tech but now I have an idea of how much temperature is my forge .
  4. Hello, I found this in the junk yard. Someone already use one of these in a gas forge? It seems to be usefull for tempering using the forge as a oven, What do you think?
  5. I make this for heavy duty use as fullering hammers heads without a striker , just common parts welded togheder, dies are truck springs. I swing a 5 lb sledge on it with no problem. It fits in my striking anvil.
  6. I made my wood rasps from these blades, they are usefully tools at knife handle making
  7. I found this very old two hammers today , some idea for his potential use? I think one is a little set hammer and the other could be a leafing one .
  8. This kind of knife y pretty common here they are made whith This is a common knife here, they are made with shear scissors like in the photo, gaucho's and modern people use this for cut horse and sheep hair. It's a simple knife but this blades if are old have one of the best steel I've ever seen.
  9. When a I got a little time I will write some i know about it and post some photos
  10. I think doesn't matter if the eye is rectangular or oval, the handle fit well in both, I guess it's a design tradition What matter is the hammer shape and the way is used.
  11. It took to me 3 attempts to make mi first drawknife the first end like yours, the second crack at quenching it an the third is in the photo. if you don`t give up in a few days you will have a lot o shaving coming from it, good luck in the next!
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