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  1. Hi Everyone, Well we finally got the local magazine to get a couple of good shots of 'The Figurine' This shows it off much better than with the silks and plants in the background. Best Regards, Preston
  2. Beautifully executed and lovely proportions. Your friend is a very lucky person to be receiving this piece of art...good luck at the beer festival... Our annual beer featival opened yesterday and I will be going a bit later today ;>) Best Regards, Preston
  3. Thanks Guys, It means a lot coming from the likes of you'll. He likely would have gone for a cover plate on the lock, but was not around when we did the installation and had approved the drawings with the lock like it was shown in the drawing. We tend not to stray very much at all from an approved drawing as that is our only safety in saying, yes this is what you approved and thus this is what and how we built the piece. Best Regards, Preston
  4. Very nicely executed...and one could make quite a number of variations on that theme...
  5. Hello Everyone, This client wanted something that went with this 300 year old room that he is converting into a wine cellar and storage area to keep people out as he rents it our for several months of the year. He insisted that as much as possible be traditional jointry and thus all the real rivets... Chiseled and twisted handles... Only the lock was modern as he did not want to pay us to make an actual old style lock. Finish is linseed oil as he wanted it to age and rust with time. Thanks for looking. Very Best Regards, Preston
  6. Hi Farmweld, Very nice design and proportions. The client should be very happy. Best Regards, Preston
  7. Hello Everyone, We have done a lot of flowers in the past, but never a rose. One client ask if we could make 10 steel roses and then 10 copper roses. I said that we would try and this is the result. Started with 16 ga steel sheet. and 1/2 inch round rod for the stem and leaves. We delivered the steel ones last week and are working on finishing the copper one's now. Enjoy ;>) Best Regards, Preston
  8. Thanks, the colored panel was painted with acrylic and attached with screws after the paint dried. The metal was coated with nitrocelluse lacquer...yes, it is available here in Mexico and very inexpensive ;>) Best Regards, Preston
  9. We used first sanded the entire piece going from 80 to 180 grit sand paper until the slight mill scale was gone and the surface an even texture. The pieces were then stood up vertically so that the water did not pool. Next we alternated between using a very dilute muratic acid...about a 7% solution and cuperic sulfide about 25%. We would do one solution and let the part dry. Then sprits it with water from a hose all day long each time they dried out. Next day the cuperic solution would be applied and the same water treatment all day long... We took this process back and forth un
  10. Hello Everyone, We were ask to patina some existing kitchen doors that another group made and to make some handles. There were 30 doors in total and 15 handles made from 3/4" round stock. The patina took about 10 days to get it to this stage. Hope you enjoy the pics. Very Best Regards, Preston
  11. Hello Everyone, This is a curved bathroom door that we just installed. First pic is the drawing that we had laser cut from 14 ga mild steel sheet and rolled to the curve. The door is 2 inches thick and the cut sheet is infront of the painted sheet behind giving nice depth and shadows. Second pic is the whole door and last pics are closeups. Let us know what you think. Very Best Regards, Preston
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. The cooling fins on the hammer are because we are running tight tolerances and it really helps keep the UHMW cooler which keeps the hammer from siezing up...and then having to let it cool down before using it somemore. We do not run it really fast as that lacks control. It is very controlable, and easy to do single strikes. She maxs out at about 160 bpms. The anvil is a railroad axle weighing 650 pounds and hammer head totals 80 pounds. Easily worked the 1 x 2 material the hard way. The table is about 30 inches tall and 26 inches in diameter.
  13. Thanks Guys, We had a production facility in Pittsbourg for 12 years and have moved most of our production to where I am living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico. This was a fun project, but took 3 times as long as we had planned...about 5 weeks and of that 2 weeks were just for cleaning up the welds and smoothing edges...amazing how many times we went over the piece thinking all the rough stuff was gone, only to continue to find things that could snag the US$450 silks. Very Best Regards, Preston
  14. Hello Everyone, We decided to see what it would take to make one of our modern table designs here in San Miguel de Allende. First pic is tapering a pieces of 1 x 2" solid for the structure. Second pic refining the taper on both ends. Third pic is hot bending the base part. Fourth pic cleaning up the piece. And last 3 pics of the table installed. Hope you enjoyed the few shots of the build. Very Best Regards, Preston
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