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  1. Okay so, recently a while back I saw a forge that had a vertically sliding forge door activated by a lever. I cannot for the life of me find the picture of it or of one In general. I'm kinda tossing the idea around of building one because I love the design, but I would like to see a picture of one and see how the lever system would work. I have an idea in my head on how to go about this regardless. I just think it would help to see a picture. Anybody seen/know what I'm talking about? I saw the picture on instagram but after an hour of searching I came up with nothing. I saw another video on YouTube a year or so ago of one. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Biggest one I've seen was 250lbs. Anyone ever seen anything bigger?
  3. Out of all the 8 inch Colombians I've seen they've all been this style spring. But I've seen the smaller ones have both. This is part of s catalog from 1924 I think. And it shows a picture of it with that style.
  4. Finally got my hands on an 8 incher! Thing it awesome!
  5. The floor is going to be firebrick. Interchange tops?
  6. After the lining and the brick in the floor, if my math is right. It should only be about 550 cubic inches. The last one I built was right around 950 cubic inches, by the way I'm also using the same burners. My other one would come up to heat just fine, but it took it around 20-25 minutes to come up to full heat, the whole idea behind this smaller one was to come up to heat quick, and besides the fact that I wanted a flat easily replaceable floor. Deminsions of just the housing are 13.5 long, 13 wide, 10.5 at the tallest point of the elipse. With a 2 inch lining of inswool, a couple coatings of satanite, ict-100, and the 2 and a half inch firebrick should give me a forge chamber of around 5.5 at the tallest point, 8.5 wide and 13.5 inches long.
  7. 2 Naturally aspirated 1 inch burners.
  8. What would be the best burner placement for a half round forge like this? I'm not quite sure what the best angle would be. Would you just mount them like it's a full round and get the same swirl effect? I don't think it would work like that but I don't know.
  9. I messaged that person. Found it on craigslist. She never replied! And I messaged her the day she posted it. Probably saw my area code and figured I wouldn't drive a couple states to get it and didn't reply. People do that all the time. For 1600 bucks bring take that bad boy home!
  10. I've welded on a couple anvils. I welded one Trenton that was broke in half back together after I ground a pretty good bevel on it. Welded with 7018 and it seems kinda finicky. I had places where the weld just wanted to blow out and grab some porosity and some where it welded just like mild steel. I'm guess because of the impurities in the wrought iron is why it was acting that way. It's not bad at all. If your familiar with stick welding you'll be fine.
  11. Well, I ended up taking the flare off. Moving it about 2 inches back from the liner. Works great! The burner stays nice and cool. No more possible melted propane line. Man that could be real bad. Glad I caught that in time. I figured the burner needed the flare but it doesn't. So we're back in business!
  12. I see I see, some creative thinking!
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