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  1. I'm having a hard time finding any large mooring cleats with horns this short. I'm certainly not saying your wrong but judging from pictures I have been googling it sure looks like a bridge anvil. What you said about the base being cast into cement definitely makes sense though. I believe the holes are square but we'll have to clean the dirt out of em to be sure. My friend says he'll be cleaning it up real soon...
  2. lol you could be right! Thanks Thomas! Hope I don't get in trouble for posting that... We aren't sure about the weight. Don't have big enough scales to weigh it. We're guessing 4 to 5 hundred. It takes more than a couple of guys to pick it up for sure.
  3. Hello all. Posting this for a friend of mine. We're wondering if some of the experts here could help us out with any information on this bridge anvil? All we know so far is that it was manufactured either by or for the Oregon Iron Works Co. We'd especially like to know what all that extra metal on the base is about. Our guess is that it slid onto some sort of mount maybe. It's a great piece and we are looking forward to more info. Thanks!
  4. I'm curious to know if you bought the anvil? Sorry for the delayed responce, didn't mean to let the thread go cold. The feet look right for a PW. Remember what Thomaspowers said. Hand made (forged) meant there was a lot of variations.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the link! That was a big bowl of AWESOME!!!!
  6. This is sooo cool! I get to be the first guy to use my new copy of AIA to help out! According to Mr. Postman Duckcreekforge is right. PW's before 1852 had "P.WRIGHT WARRENTED" on one side and the weight on the other. Typically if you were looking at the side with the horn pointing to your left you would see the weight. The waist will be thicker or "chunkier" as duckcreekforge put it, than later PW's. These PW's were made between 1830 and 1852. If it is a PW, it could be pushing nearly 200 years old!
  7. Easy there! Your making it sound like I got a bad deal! lol just kidding, I'm still glad I bought it and I'm guessing your still not sure you should have sold it! It's up to you what you do with your money but I wouldn't worry too much about never having another chance at one. I think you might be forgetting how good you are at sniffing out anvils! Either way good luck on what you decide! Meanwhile I'm gonna get some pics of this HB and the serial number on here and see what we can find out.
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