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  1. It seems I have been a good boy this year!! I just received my copy of " Introduction to Knifemaking" by Steve Sells. I wasn't expecting it until January, this is a nice surprise indeed. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into this book Steve, it is greatly appreciated. John
  2. I would love it if this forum would get used more. I check this whole site at least once a day, sometimes more. John
  3. Sid and Keri are good people. I wish them nothing but the best. John
  4. I use both the harbor freight Round Canvas Bag and their Canvas Riggers Bag. Both can be seen from the post above. The handle of the round canvas bag will break in a short amount of time. When they do, I just make up a chain mail handle for it and cover the center with leather. The riggers bag is very durable and can hold an awful lot of weight.
  5. I'd just e-mail or call Sid or Keri and get the answer first hand. http://www.littlegianthammer.com/contact.html John
  6. Try contacting Aldo @ njsteelbaron.com If he doesn't have what you want listed give him a call. I've yet to be able to stump him with my oddball requests. John
  7. Steven, First of all hello and welcome IFI. I agree with Glenn, check out the PBA. If you can make it to Grand Island, we will be holding our Fall Conference this Saturday & Sunday.(October 3rd and 4th) at Randy Dack's shop. Also, the Omaha monthly meeting will be next Friday (October 9) at Vern Grasshorn's shop here in Omaha. Both of these would be a great way for you to step into balcksmithing without having to invest much money. If you need more info just PM me and I'll do my best to help you out. Good luck, John Thompson
  8. Josh, Sid is THE place for coal in Nebraska. You should also look to join the PBA.(Prarie Blacksmith Association). They are having a hammer-in just down the road from you in Filley Ne. on April 18th and 19th. More info can be found here: Prairie Blacksmiths Association : ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) affiliate. . Harlan is a good guy and you'll have fun there. Have fun, John P.S. I second the notion of talking to Jr.(Irnsrgn). He lives in Falls City, and is very busy, but what he could teach you will take years off of the learning curve.
  9. Yeah 3 to 3 1/2 hours.... ....and about 40 years of experience. Nice looking blade, Dr. Jim.
  10. Thomas, I have done the fair in Conroe (Plantersville actually), and most of the patrons there buy their stuff from Museum Replicas. Here is a link to there website and the eating utensils they sell-- Feasting Utensils - Museum Replicas -- Medieval Utensils - Museum Replicas. If this is what her friend has, your worst attempt will be better than what you can buy from them. As far as the Scarborough Faire goes, that one leans more towards a fantasy faire anyway so I think you'll be fine if she does place an order Hope this helps, John
  11. Vern, Here is a link to bladeforums where he is selling both the Parks #50 and AAA quench oil. He is only selling in the five gallon size though. Parks #50 Quench Oil I am not affiliated with this individual nor have I bought from him. Hope this helps. John
  12. I must have done something right this past year as my wife, three sisters, and my mother-in-law all chipped in and gave me the cash for a bladesmithing class in Texarkana. Now, I just need to figure ou which one will fit my schedule. Oh, what a great problem to have! John
  13. JPH, Darren Ellis sells APG #36 on his website .Ellis Custom Knifeworks - Custom Knives, Straight Razors, Display Cases, and Refractory Supplies . Hope this helps. John
  14. Denny, You can get coal from Sid Suedmeier in Nebraska City. His number is (402) 873-6603. Good price and just a short drive from Omaha. John
  15. Jim, That is one BEAUTIFUL sword. And as far as the price..... I've seen far inferior swords selling for quite a bit more than what you're asking....... Also, like what you've done with your site. John
  16. I'd love to get a chance to talk shop. My wife surely is tired of hearing about it. LOL I took a class is January at John Loken's shop but haven't had the time to get to one of the friday meetings. John
  17. Irsrgn, Where do I need to send the money to so I can join? Didn't see it listed in your newsletter. Thanks. John Thompson
  18. If it could only be one book, I would have to recommend "The Complete Bladesmith" by Jim Hrsoulas. As an added bonus, if you really have a question about this book you can always ask the good Dr. personally as he visits this forum quite often. John T.
  19. Richard, I'm sure Sid Suedmeir can help you with your questions. He can be reach at (402) 873- 6603 or at www.littlegianthammer.com . Hope this helps.
  20. yesteryearforge, Have you tried talking to Sid Suedmeier? He might be able to steer you in the right direction for books and such. I know he can make dies for your hammer. His website is www.littlegianthammer.com. Hope this helps, John T
  21. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes things just work out that way. Sounds like you were doing everything right (talking to people, good location) but sometimes people just aren't willing to part with their money. Now having said that, I would tell you the first thing I would do is raise my prices. I know it sounds crazy but 90% of the time it works. I think it has something to do with perceived value from potential customers. Hope this helps.
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